Amsterdam, Allicock stun at Patrick Forde Memorial Boxing Tournament

The cream of Guyana’s crop of boxers showed up once again on Sunday evening — joined by boxers from Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago — for the second annual Patrick Forde Memorial Boxing Tournament.
The 15-fight card hosted at the National Gymnasium held much entertainment and shocking decisions on the judges’ part.
The night was filled with hefty punch-outs, and excitement was palpable from the very vocal crowd in attendance. Aside from fights in the schoolboys, youth and elite categories, there were a number of exhibition bouts, the most exciting of which came when the Jackman sisters, Abiola and Aleisha, faced off in the ring. The young ladies showed that they are just as skilled as their male counterparts, and traded a number of searing blows.

While Dwayne Baptiste, Jamaine Andrews and Colin Williams fought their way to wins in the schoolboys’ category, Travis Inverary, Kevon Mullings and Devon Hazel impressed in the youth division. However, the elite category held all the entertainment, with fights that often moved patrons to their feet.
Once again, Keevin Allicock showcased his prowess and knack for the sport with another convincing win. Meeting with Trinidadian Anthony Joseph, Allicock was quick on his feet, punching and dodging his way to a unanimous victory. He was awarded the McDonald Trophy for his prowess.

In other awards, Julius Kesney copped the best boxers accolade after a scintillating bantamweight battle with Kelvin Moore.

The headline event did not disappoint. Despite a change in opponent, Desmond Amsterdam kept his marbles in a close middleweight encounter with Aaron Prince of the twin island republic.
The two traded punches evenly, and some were even of the opinion that Prince was the better boxer, which resulted in cries of dismay after the Guyanese Amsterdam was announced the winner.
The GBA will continue their packed 2019 boxing schedule with a schoolboy tournament early in March.
Full list of fights: (The asterisk indicates the winner.)
School Boys
Dwayne Baptiste* vs Daniel Pompey
Jamaine Andrews* vs Jarrel Booker
Joshua Thambaran vs Colin Williams*

Light Bantamweight
Richard Braithwaite vs Travis Inverary*

Youth Junior Welterweight
Kevon Mullings* vs Jamal Mercer

Jermain Levans vs Devon Hazel*

Jamal Eastman vs Christopher Moore

Albert Thomas vs Shaquille Wright*

Kelvin Moore vs Julius Kesney*

Abiola Jackman vs Aleisha Jackman

Corlette Greenidge* vs Jerron McKenzie

Light Welterweight
Aubrey Moore* vs Kevin McKenzie

Light Heavyweight
Markember Pierre* vs Ashton Niles

Keevin Allicock* vs Anthony Joseph

Desmond Amsterdam* vs Aaron Prince