An aching social issue that repeatedly wounds our nation

Dear Editor,
I wish to highlight below issues and matters of domestic violence which continue to be of crucial concern to our country.
It must be noted that an outburst of domestic violence continues to wreak havoc and create distress in our communities and families. So many victims are suffering silently, and maybe, just maybe, their voices would be heard only after they have died.
Can we prevent this atrocity? Can we reach out in support of these persons before it is too late? I am afraid there is only so much Government and communities can do. The decision to seek help is often left to the victims.
It is very disheartening to awake on a beautiful morning to learn about the death of someone dear: a mother, a sister, a cousin, or an aunt, who may have been killed by an aggressive or abusive partner or husband. Wounds of domestic violence (DV) cases go deep into our communities, bringing tears and excruciating agony that sometimes can last for a lifetime. The blood shed in brutal killings that have stained homes and walls might be erased, but the stories of such suffering and demise cannot simply fade away in a moment. If we are ever to act to protect our women and children, now is the time. We keep losing our women and mothers due to thoughtless and irrational men who are robbing and depriving children and families of beautiful moments, and of having the dearest comforter of any home.
As we reflect upon the past few months, we can all agree, without a doubt, that our mothers and women in our society, whether related or not, have lost their lives in some of the cruelest ways. Besides, this seems to be increasing and getting worse every time another case occurs.

Therefore, it is my humble plea to those who are suffering or trying to survive in DV circumstances to get support and help early. Don’t be another statistic, and one whose story goes down into the ground and is being washed away.
Women: our communities, homes, and societies need you. You are integral to the nourishment and upbringing of tomorrow’s leaders. Your role in society is of high respect and value, even if it is simply by being a woman or a mother. While I believe that we cannot control all the events around us, I believe that we can use our voices in support of those who are struggling and battling DV, so that, like many of us who are living comfortably, they, too, can live comfortable and secure lives.
May we never lose sight that this issue still exists among us, and is quietly destroying the lives of our women and children. We cannot deny its existence. Further, since we cannot stop all DV cases from reaching a point of cruelty, I am optimistic that we can reduce its occurrence. DV is occurring too frequently, and is often being treated as something basic.
I beseech you to make full use of the resources and opportunities that are provided to you in granting you support to escape the terrible effects of DV. If you are, or someone you know is, experiencing DV in any shape or form, please make contact with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s Hotline Number: 914.

Imran Bacchus