An open letter to my PNC (APNU/AFC) brethren

My dear brethren,
Like you, I voted for our PNC coalition in 2015 since they promised they would be the change but everybody says they became the exchange. I hated the PNC very much but wanted to give Granger a chance. All the goodwill they received from us and the crossover votes quickly evaporated because as soon as they got in they gave themselves quick raises although they had hardly done anything to merit those raises. They continued with the D’Urban Park scandal, drug bond scandal, numerous procurement violations, and single sourcing of contracts to help all those who had funded our election campaign etc. The worst sin was they sold out our oil in the worst way. Now they are saying the oil company has burnt out billions of cubic feet of gas in their operations. We the people will end up getting big larwah (bigger than the one PM Moses got) with this oil deal they have. No good life for us poor people!
Understand what happened. In two years after we got in, at the 2016 LGE, the PPP beat us by 25,000 votes; in the 2018 LGE, they beat us by 45,000 votes and then they defeated us at the December 2018 No-Confidence Vote. The AFC got us in and the AFC got us out. We forgot our 100-day manifesto and all the promises we made, and except for the fat cats in our party getting coalition soup, sugar workers and others were getting poop, not soup. So, you see my comrades, we should not be surprised that the PPP walloped us at the March 2 elections. We squandered our opportunity to rule better.
We governed badly, and exuded in our triumphalism although we barely won by a seat. We excluded the PPP from many Committees and Boards, giving them token representation, rejected their ideas, and made no moves towards constitutional reform and shared governance. The lowest point of our rule was when Party Chairman Volda said she has only PNC friends and will give jobs only to PNC people. (That really hurt us as it chased away crossover voters who have been traumatised by Burnham’s “paramountcy of the party”). We formed a Ministry of Social Cohesion but instead, we have divided our country in the worst way, starting from our refusal to hold elections in 90 days and making a mockery of ourselves by claiming that 33 is not the majority in a 65-member Parliament, although that’s how we got into power. Now we are doing the same, making outrageous claims that the PPP rigged the elections, although our own people control GECOM and the elections machinery, and we were willing to swear in brother Granger for another term. Now that we lost, we will be in deep doo-doo. But we deserved it.
My brothers and sisters, I ask you to please stop dragging our Lord Jesus Christ into our mess. I see how you are doing that on the blogs, hoping and praying that somehow God would do a miracle and convert PPP votes into PNC votes. Jesus did turn water into wine, but you are asking for him to turn 15,000 PPP votes into PNC votes. Aren’t you asking for too much? You know that would be fraud, right? Jesus doesn’t help the wicked to be successful at doing more wickedness. Ask Apostle Smith and Archbishop Williams. Did you all go to the church of Rabbi Washington, or Apostle Mingo’s church? So knock it off about Jesus is going to cause honest counting not to prosper. Our PNC has already fallen. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away when we sin. And we have sinned much.
I know our top leaders told you at first that we won. We had to do that because you would have been devastated. Now we have to let you down gently and admit and let you know that we lost badly. The PPP beat us by 3-4 seats based on all the Statements of Poll that GECOM released to everyone on election night. What happened dear brethren was that in Region Four, Apostle Mingo played some high number bingo and made up some large numbers for us, creating miracles in about 400 boxes for us to “win.” We thought Brother Lolo would have succeeded with his phoney declaration based on Bro Mingo’s miracles but the Commission and Chief Justice did not let it fly. And Bro Granger, who took much effort to cultivate that “churchman” image did not want to face sanctions as all the foreign and local observers were united in saying that our Apostle Mingo rigged the count and it was not credible. Why do you think our Bro Granger told his son-in-law to dissociate himself from the Region Four results?
So, you see my PNC brothers and sisters, we are caught between a rock and a hard place. Many of our leaders are so confused, they are running their mouths when they should have shut up, and now we are a laughing stock to the world, because it is sheer stupidness that we are saying about dead people voting and people voting although they are abroad.
My brothers and sisters, as you know, we have used all the tricks to delay and stop the recount and our people in GECOM have helped as much as they can help but the recount is showing Bro Mingo was really a miracle worker. The fraud is exposed and we are looking really bad right now. The whole world is watching us and laughing. So, you must understand that we must cut our losses, and any time soon, concede that we lost. Understand that we would have to throw Bro Mingo under the bus, and when the new PPP Government investigates the fraud, other top GECOM people will fall too. The good thing though is that our hero, Bro Granger would keep his good churchman image that he refused to be sworn in on the basis of a count that was not credible. So please understand that’s what we have to do, and who vex, vex. If Bond, Craig, Harmon, Norton, Ganesh, Patterson, Volda, Cathy and others want to be the strongmen on the Titanic, our good luck to them.

Jerry Singh