And the farce…

…goes on

Your Eyewitness has repeatedly referred to Marx’s aphorism that “history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce”. He was referring to the pitiful attempts of Napoleon’s nephew to execute a coup d’etat so as to seize power – as Napoleon had done. The “farce” is not “ha ha” funny, but just ludicrous in Granger’s ahistoricity and clumsiness.
As Granger and his myrmidons plough ahead with the rigging farce in the Courts, he’s like the Titanic’s captain shouting, “Full steam ahead”. Justice Holder just ruled that he had jurisdiction to hear the APNU candidate’s contention that GECOM couldn’t agree to a recount either of the Reg 4 votes or those of all the regions. Never mind that her leader Granger claims otherwise!!
Your Eyewitness didn’t have to be a legal luminary to figure out this was always on the cards – and in the bag. So, too, was Holder’s denial of the PPP’s claim that if the court assumed jurisdiction to look into an election matter, it also had the jurisdiction to order GECOM to release its copies of the SOPs. They weren’t even asking the Judge to count the Sops or anything like that – which would imply he was getting involved with the election process itself. No siree Bob!!
These SOPs, the PPP not unreasonably figured, would be part of the evidence normally produced in the “discovery” process, when both sides are allowed to see “what the other has”. No surprises and sandbagging and all that! As to whether the APNU candidate can actually halt GECOM’s authority over a recount, Holder says that will have to go to trial – next week!! And the farce goes on!!
So, we’ll have grown men, including the Judge – like we saw Harmon do the other day at his presser – lie their heads off with no compunction. Yet those at the bar will be forced to address the bench as “Your Honour”!! It makes one want to puke. Never in the annals of our history were our Courts so dishonoured (deflowered?) by the political directorate – even in the times of Burnham and what we thought were his egregious riggings. But alas, there’s no JOF Haynes left, is there?? During the tragedy there was, but this is the farce, let’s not forget.
So, Holder will rule next week, after much storm and fury, that the CEO’s submitted figures stand – so there’s no need for a recount. The Commission, with the casting vote of Claudette Singh – notwithstanding her amended pledge – will approve those figures and Granger will be sworn in.
Even as the PPP makes a beeline to the Appellate Court. And sanctions kick in.

…of the Government’s reaction to COVID-19
Your Eyewitness knew this Caretaker Government didn’t give a hoot about the people of this country – ALL of the people, including its supporters – when it placed Moses Nagamootoo as Chairman of the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF)!! Yes, that’s right, Moses Nagamootoo!! Now, if this isn’t a farce – and for sure not a ha-ha one — what is?? Which country in the world would place a political hack in charge of facing the greatest threat in our history?? And that includes Forbes Burnham, whom we always brought up when fellow West Indians would share horror stories about hurricanes and earthquakes and such other disasters!
Let’s not forget that Nagamootoo wasn’t even trusted by Granger to chair Cabinet meetings!! And that after serving god-knows-how-many-years in the PPP, when Cheddi finally got back into office. All he was entrusted with was being in charge of the Chronic and “information”!!
Nagamootoo has never managed anything larger than a rum bottle in his entire life.
All he does is revel in the sound of his own voice. Wanker!!

…of Volga Lawrence
But Nagamootoo’s heading the COVID task force was just part of a one-two punch to the Guyanese solar plexus. The other was Volda Lawrence’s retention as the Caretaker Health Minister.
After her performance at Ashmins, she’s best suited for a fish market!!