Animation network launched in Guyana

The Guyana Animation Network (GAN) was officially launched locally on Saturday.

Members of the Guyana Animination Network (GAN) at the launching on Saturday
Members of the Guyana Animination Network (GAN) at the launching on Saturday

GAN is a network established to use it resources to create and provide access to opportunities for persons within Guyana’s artistic, creative and technological communities; to develop the requisite skills, with their talents and to service the Caribbean Animation Industry.

Deputy Programme Manager of Culture Caricom, Riane de Haas-Bledoeg, addressing the gathering at the inaugural ceremony disclosed that animation networks are on the top of Caricom’s agenda. She said the initiative will bring about social cohesion since Guyana cannot work in isolation. She added animation networks exits within three other Caribbean countries which are Jamaica – Jamaican Animation Network (JAN), Suriname – Suriname Animation Network (SAN) and Trinidad – Trinidad Animation Network (TAN).

The aim of GAN is to create and support platforms that connect local animators, artists, developers and other persons servicing the animation, information communication technologies (ICT) and creative industries in Guyana with jobs, training, capacity building and other resources available through Caribbean and international networks.

The GAN is a non-governmental and not-for-profit start-up corporation.

Founder and President of GAN, Jubilante’ Cutting, related that the vision of GAN was birthed after she was a part Caricom’s ‘Girls for ICT day’ in 2013. “It is trusted that our fellow Guyanese, particularly our policymakers, those in Government and the Private Sector see the importance of investing and building this billion-dollar industry in Guyana for a better, more creative and financially sustainable development path for GAN and animation in Guyana,” added Cutting.

Cutting further added that Guyana is bursting with talent in the animation industry and if it was not for networking, GAN would not have been materialised today.

GAN is established to actively support the animation, ICT, new media and creative industries through networking, training, capacity building, advocacy, business, educational and other opportunities locally, regionally and internationally.