Anna Catherina PPP group congratulates President Ali

Dear Editor,
The Anna Catherina PPP group extends its heartiest congratulations to Dr Irfaan Ali on his election as the ninth Executive President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The people of Anna Catherina, and all of Region Three, I dare say, are extremely proud of this son of the soil, more so native of Region Three, that has been elected to this honoured position.
We are confident that President Ali will lead this nation into a path of great economic prosperity and development, social development and transformation that will benefit all Guyanese regardless of political and religious beliefs, cultural background, social standing or economic standing. During his tenure as Minister of Housing, he has shown that he has both the intelligence and ability to undertake and lead projects successfully to bring about development for all people. This ministerial tenure has been preparing him for a bigger role in national development.
We also wish to congratulate our new Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d), Mark Phillips. We are confident that the wealth of experience, training and qualification of this distinguished gentleman is not only a tremendous asset to be used in developing this nation, but will also complement the leadership of Dr Ali, to take Guyana to new frontiers of human, social and infrastructural development at a time when these are greatly needed in a changing global environment.
With the unwavering support of the indomitable and brilliance of visionary leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, the newly elected Vice President, the brilliance of Attorney General Mr Anil Nandlall and the entire party of hardworking, quality comrades, the PPP/C Government will be able to put Guyana back on the map in a positive light and bring heaps of benefits and progress for the citizens like never before seen.
I take this opportunity to also thank the Local Election Committee, all the party agents and the ordinary people of the communities who have worked extremely hard over the months in the lead up to Election Day and on Election Day. As Campaign Manager for the Leonora-Anna Catherina District, I can attest to the extent of hard work, support, contributions and labour that were put in by all these people to see their party get back into power again. Thank you to all.
It has been a long and hard battle, but in the end, victory came. We commend President Ali, his other comrades, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo and others for a very good and hard-fought campaign and for leading the people to victory despite all the challenges and hurdles that were put in their way. This is a victory for all Guyanese.
I call on every Guyanese to work together with our new President and Government and let us move Guyana forward. I am confident that President Ali and his Cabinet will work hard to ensure that every Guyanese achieves a better life and a higher standard of living. There are exciting times ahead and we all look forward to the great development of our country.
We wish the new President and Government well. God bless you.

Yours sincerely,
Lionel Rasul
Chairman of the Anna Catherina PPP group