Another day…

…another PNC poke in the eye
Whoever thought this attempted elections’ heist by the PNC couldn’t get more ridiculous just wasted a thought. Let’s just say this one more time, shall we?? This is the PNC we’re dealing with, OK? Just expect they’ll do absolutely whatever it takes to cling on to power – even stupid things like Lowenfield re-presenting the Mingoed numbers!! And it’ll soon be over, trust your Eyewitness. Not because “time longer than twine” or any such nostrum, but simply because the PPP is a historical force whose time has come once again to be at the helm of the country.
All the PNC is doing is to ensure that when they aren’t allowed to get near State House for the next decade, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. Pariahs! Surely, in one of those short courses army types are subjected to, Granger must’ve learnt that man crept out of the Stone Age, where fellas just bashed folks on the heads to take over their caves. Cause that lifestyle was “nasty, short and brutish”, we invented a “social contract” that guided how we’d deal with each other when we differed.
And it’s not just us in Guyana…it’s the entire world, and they’re not going to stand by and watch the PNC upset the order. Not because they love us so much, but because they know these kinds of things have a bad habit of spreading if they aren’t nipped in the bud.
Think of it, If Granger and his PNC are allowed to get away with their heist of the elections and the government – even though the US, UK, Canada, EU, Commonwealth, Caricom, and even the Mandela Elders said they gotta get back in line – don’t you just see tinpot dictators becoming the rage all across the Caribbean Sea and Latin America??
And that’s the bottom line, dear readers. While we’re all getting increasingly pi55ed off with the PNC pulling one stunt after another to deny the PPP its just desert, we mustn’t get carried away and think of doing anything radical to stop them in their tracks. This is exactly what they want, so they can declare a state of emergency to “keep law and order”. We don’t need to go that route.
The World Order has devised a procedure to deal with these recalcitrant cave men who would haul us back into the Stone Age. It’s called “sanctions”. And that’s what’s gonna be dropped on the PNC like a ton of bricks if they dare disobey the declaration the Iron Lady will be issuing tomorrow.
Yep! That’s right. Expect tomorrow to finally hear Irfaan Ali declared the winner of the Presidential sweepstakes!!

…another dollar lost
We can gauge the PNC’s desperation to cling onto power from their willingness to let their primarily urban supporters lose all the economic gains they made under the PPP’s 23 years, and slide back into the absolute poverty into which Burnham had delivered them. Some folks have forgotten that since you can’t have backyard gardens or fish in trenches and such like, folks in “town” – unlike in country – gotta have a steady stream of cash to keep body and soul together.
And that stream’s been cut short – first by the slowdown in the economy since 2015, and now by the COVID restrictions. A whole lotta folks in town are getting very impatient with the stunts Granger’s been pulling. And that’s why you don’t see them coming out in the staged demonstrations in front of State House, which the PNC has arranged the last couple of days. Look at the video and you’ll see the same recycled “rent a crowd”! The PNC can jump high and jump low, but they can’t convince their supporters that they aren’t slip slidin’ away.
Thing baaad!

…another COVID hit
The PNC’s shenanigans have helped to keep the fight against COVID-19 below the level that’s demanded for victory.
Truth is, folks are getting tired from the double whammy.