Another day…

…another giveaway
When it comes to giveaways, Santa Claus has nothing on the PNC!! And it’s not that Santa comes around only one night a year (Christmas)…but his stuff has to pass through those chimneys he insists on climbing down!! Now, the PNC, we’re discovering, made every night (and day) Christmas! But the trick is, while Santa gave out stuff to everybody who “did good” during the year, the PNC focused on those who were willing to do the dirty.
Think about it. We just had another expose wherein another plot of land at Ogle was transferred to a bunch of carpetbaggers with just peanuts handed over rather that the money clearly spelled out on the contract!! Now, if there is one thing we Guyanese know, it is that “you don’t pass over transport before you get all the money!” And it has nothing to do with us knowing that this is one of the peculiarities of Roman Dutch Law, which governs our land transactions. We just know this like we know we gotta breathe without troubling ourselves about the need to know about oxygen having to be bound in the lungs to hemoglobin to be taken to the cells!! You just KNOW it!!
So why would the PNC hand over all those acres of land all over the place – not just in Ogle? Yes, that’s right, dear reader – money, the stuff that makes the (PNC) world go round – once it’s shovelled into the pockets of the PNC operative in question! In one instance, the said operative – believe it or not, “007” was his handle! –  was indiscreet enough to leave the paper trail to US$1,000,000 (that is Gy$200,000,000!) transferred to his bank account open to public view!! So, trust your ole Eyewitness, the others might’ve been slicker than the fella who “likes it shaken, not stirred”, but the money that passed hands under the table will be exposed.
And one reason for that is those PNCites who weren’t in the loop on the giveaways – but were fighting what they thought was the “good fight” for the PNC in the trenches and blogs – are now pi55ed!! And Hell hath no fury like the PNCite who didn’t get his cut!! Very soon the Police and the DPP are going to get all sorts of anonymous tips – complete with bank account numbers and all!!
So, let’s not get too het up when more of these giveaways come to light. The PNC has never been a party for developing this country. They’re just a bunch of ethnic entrepreneurs who exploit the anxieties of their members at the bottom to fill their pockets.
Just think why none of them live with those followers!

…other fight on elections
One anxiety the PNC leadership exploit in their followers to their loyalty is on elections. Now, think why elections are accepted all over the world? They work!! As Churchill once said, democracy might be all messy and all that, but it’s still the best way to choose governments, ain’t it? And how do you get elections to work for you? You make yourself or your party as attractive to the largest number of persons who would be voting, won’t you?
But not the PNC. They cheat, rob and bully people, but still expect them to vote PNC!! But that’s not what they tell their supporters. No siree Bob!! The fault’s ALWAYS with the PPP! THEY’re always the ones who deny the PNC their due with one trick or another. Just look at their posture on Local Government Elections that’s due sometime next year.
Now, you’d think that with them claiming the last General Elections were messed up, they’d want GECOM’s system fixed before the LGE, no?
Not the PNC!!

…another hustle
It’s not surprising that the fella who got on his high horse about the President not having the authority to “confer silk” has now accepted silk from the incumbent.
Says it’s because the Judiciary was consulted!! But could they have rejected?