Another delay tactic by a regime desperate to continue to wield power

Dear Editor,
I remember there was one House-to-House Registration period in my lifetime (before this one that is), during that period my older siblings were registered, neither of whom were at the age of majority, but when they became eligible to vote they were automatically placed on the voters’ list. Their story is similar to how I ended up on the voters’ list when I attained the age of majority, I was perhaps 15, I went to the GECOM office in my area, during a continuous registration period, and I got myself registered, NO, I was not on the voters’ list from 15. I took it upon myself to check the newspapers and see when I can get my ID card. Prior to the 2015 election, this was the first election I was eligible to vote in, I lost my ID card when my wallet was stolen, I went back to the GECOM office and got a replacement card, as a first-time voter, I ensured I was on the list, I wanted my voice to be heard, I did not want to disenfranchise.
House-to-House Registration commenced last Saturday. There have been multiple elections without there being House-to-House Registration, including the one which the present Caretaker Government won. Using the current rhetoric being pushed, the coalition regime won with a bloated list?
I am 22 years old, I am a young woman, I do not want to be disenfranchised; the women’s suffrage movement across the globe has ensured I have the right to vote despite class, education, finances or owning land. I am presently residing out of Guyana, we live in a globalised world, where people temporarily move to grow (whether it is to continue their education, attain valuable international work experience, or soul searching). I am against House-to-House Registration, simply because I will be removed from the voters’ list just because I am not home as I am a student studying away. I was born and raised in Guyana, I am a citizen of one country, that is Guyana. The process of House-to-House Registration will remove me along with so many others in my situation, which is a direct violation of our constitutional right under Article 59.
What about the persons on vacation? The articles surfacing say this will take 90 days, what if someone decided to take an extended holiday? The last house to house, took well over a year.
I see this as another delay tactic by a regime desperate to continue to wield power and have time to start initiatives to create the illusion that they care. This also further shows the hypocrisy of this regime, when Parliament was prorogued by then-President Ramotar, they (the present regime) talked about not upholding or abiding by the Constitution. This combined with all the broken promises; are these the real reasons behind House-to-House Registration?
The CCJ ruling made clear we should have had elections within 90 days of the passing of the motion of no confidence, thus elections should have occurred since March.

Nutana Singh