Another empty vessel making oil and gas noises

Dear Editor,
The title is impressive, “The Oil & Gas Governance Network”; they boast of the quality of their membership, MBAs! CPAs! Engineers! Professors! And they are never short on advice on matters oil & gas. However, when faced with paying for a ticket to attend the International Energy Conference and Expo Guyana 2022, the OGGN suddenly becomes “minimum wage workers”, and need a free pass.
The incongruity is not new, nor is it confined to Guyana’s shores; and there is certainly no surprise that OGGN is another empty vessel making oil and gas noises. This is not the first time Guyana has entertained financially embarrassed experts from the diaspora; one ‘wall street analyst’ returned to our shores and rode a moped for years, and we still admired his esoteric writings, which he parlayed into a job with the Granger Administration.
Guyanese have learned from that folly; an appearance on a Moray House panel no longer has the prestige, since they continue to entertain men with ‘gold bangle’ ethics and clear anti-Guyana agendas.
Guyana would welcome financial experts from the diaspora who have demonstrated financial success, not hustlers running one-man operations from basements.
Dr Jerry Jailall et al should work on raising the US$350 for a ticket to the event, and gaining basic credibility before pontificating on how the billions of USD Guyana will earn from Oil & Gas should be utilised.

Robin Singh