ANSA McAL, Hennessy adopt Burnham Hardcourt

– Ramson Jr congratulates sponsorship of companies for taking initiative

On Thursday, January 27, 2022, many witnessed the adoption of the legendary Burnham Hardcourt by Ansa McAL, official distributor of the Hennessy brand of cognac.

The players participated in an exhibition match

This long-term adoption saw implementation of new lights, refurbishing of the officials’ tables, players’ areas and patrons’ stand; painting of the court’s tarmac, and establishment of a mobile VIP stand.
Sharing his review on the iconic court, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, the Honourable Charles Ramson Jr, said he ‘grew up’ on the Burnham Hardcourt in his younger days, and recognises the role that corporate Guyana and corporate sponsorship plays, as they are stepping up their involvement.

A portion of the work done on the court

“Sometime around November and October, I made a public call in Leonora, at the Kashif and Shangai Super-16, that corporate Guyana step up their involvement in sponsorship of sports and culture and the involvement of activities for young people. We all want the same thing: we want development, prosperity, the best for ourselves, the best for our families, the best for our communities, and the best for our country. That can only be done in an environment of order and structure, where everyone is pulling in the same direction,” he posited.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Hon Charles Ramson Jr

Ramson related that the works are being put in, as he has ordered four FIBA approved, authorised and licensed hoops coming out of the Netherlands basketball hoops, the 3×3 style with clocks and everything. He noted that it amounted to a total of 8-9 million dollars, and clarified that two of the hoops are going to be installed at the National Stadium, where people can have access anytime of the day.
In addition, he iterated that the National Gymnasium has just completed the first phase of the basketball court, owing to the fact that it would be a day/night facility, which would be made accessible to all basketball players.
Ramson has said that, in the next few weeks, the basketball leg of the Sports Academy would be launched, as it is an ongoing programme.

Guyana Basketball Association President Jermaine Slater

“12 million dollars will be set aside every year for the twelve core sports of the Sports Academy, and then there is going to be an elite programme which functions like a summer camp. Players like yourself, the above-average performers, can go into the camps, and they get paid a stipend for the time they are in the camp, where all they are doing is playing basketball and working on their game,” Ramson explained.
The Minister also made mention of the allocated $2.2B in the budget for sports. He said it would focus on investment on facilities, and will be used on sport programmes in the country. Ramson also praised the two artistes who were responsible for the artwork of the iconic court, Ransford Simon and Nigel Buttler of the Burrowes School of Art.

Marketing Manager of Hennessey, Santiago Frusto

In closing his remarks, Ramson said, “On behalf of the Government of Guyana and the people of the country, I would like to congratulate the corporate sponsorship of Ansa McAL and Hennessy, for taking the initiative of developing sports and sports development in the country. All of corporate Guyana sees this as an avenue for the development of the people of the country and the development of the country. I want you to know that once that objective remains a line of understanding and we are focused on getting there together, the Government of Guyana will always support the activities and interests that are connected to that investment.”
President of the Guyana Basketball Association, Jermaine Slater, relayed that the job done on the court is a beautiful piece of artwork, and it definitely brightens people up in the pandemic.
Slater expressed extreme grateful to Ansa McAL and Hennessey for collaborating with the GBA on the rehabilitation of the court, and said he is hopeful that the GBA would maintain a working relationship with the company going forward.
Present at the prestigious event was Santiago Frusto, Marketing Manager of Hennessey, who made it clear that, since 2021, Hennessy have been sponsoring the NBA, and thus they are here to celebrate it. He also noted that making a positive contribution to society is an essential value and core commitment to the group, and they would continue to assist to make a difference.
Frusto further clarified that the reason they decided to refurbish the hardcourt was mainly so children can come and play, and hopefully, in the future, they can be playing in the NBA.
At the event where Hennessy, the world’s most prestigious cognac, was sipped responsibly, there was also a 3×3 mini basketball tournament to commemorate the occasion. The winning team earned $100,000, medals and bragging rights.
Hennessy, the spirit of the NBA, looks forward to partnering with sport and other events in the 592.