The David Granger-led APNU/AFC has gone stark loony. Scoundrels invariably discover God, but APNU/AFC claims they are God-anointed. This past week, Raphael Trotman, the former Minister of Natural Resources— who refuses to acknowledge he was fired along with his colleagues since December 21, 2018, the man who gave away our oil assets to EXXON – told people God appointed them in Government and God would ensure they win again. Desperation, the pathological fear to face the electorate, forced Trotman to define the narrative for the next elections as between God’s anointed and those who are the devil. In his narrative, the leaders of APNU/AFC and their supporters are God-anointed and the PPP leaders and their supporters are the devil. That means, at least, if not more than 50% of us, are damned by God. It is a grievous insult to the majority of Guyanese.
The workers who lost their jobs, the small businesses struggling, those who are denied medicines, those who suffer from the daily blackouts, those farmers who endure unimaginable challenges, those whose lands were taken away, those who suffer from the mind-numbing corruption, those who fear for their lives because of spiralling crime, the closure of the estates, the children denied their $10,000 grants, etc., are because of God’s will, according to Trotman’s narrative. Actually, none of this has anything to do with God – they are the consequences of APNU/AFC’s ineptitude, corruption and wickedness.
Trotman did not mention where God was just last November, during the Local Government Elections when the PPP won more than 66% of the votes and local Government seats available. Trotman did not mention his own party, the AFC, failed to win even one NDC or municipality. He did not mention the AFC failed to win even a total of ten seats from the almost 3,000 seats available throughout the country that is less than 0.01%. He never mentioned the disaster they lost in their own home villages. He did not explain where God was on December 21, 2018 when APNU/AFC lost the No-Confidence Vote, nor recently when the CCJ ruled against them on every issue. APNU/AFC lost their minds, gone loony, because of the No-Confidence Vote and rejection every day in the villages and during their expensive outreaches. While they demand “war”, people everywhere are “chasing” them away. No, they lost and will lose again, not because God is interfering, but because people are smart.
If they really believe they are chosen by God, why the morbid fear of constitutionally-mandated elections? They have ratcheted up their propaganda with the message voting against APNU/AFC is voting against God. In Goebbels-like propaganda through the DPI, Guyana Chronicle, NCN TV and Radio, they paint a picture of transformation of the economy and the infrastructure, transformation for workers and youth, transformation of the health and education sector, electricity and water and security. If they believe they have positively transformed Guyana and God has anointed them, why the lunatic tactics to avoid the elections?
They truly fear the people, God’s children, all of us. They know well that God’s children, in the end, will judge the performance of the Government, and will see the lunacy that pervades the country under a cabal only working for themselves. People are not fooled. The propaganda telling people thousands of jobs have been created cannot hide that 30,000 jobs have been lost, not only among people who voted for the PPP, but also among people who voted for APNU/AFC, believing the promises APNU/AFC will eliminate unemployment in Guyana. The propaganda will not hide the betrayal of workers who were promised fantastic salary increases, but were told after the cabinet took its own 50 to 100% increases they must wait until the country can afford to give them increases. The propaganda cannot hide the fear people live with daily as heinous crimes escalate to heights never imagined. The propaganda cannot hide the deplorable electricity condition in the country, with blackouts plaguing businesses and daily lives of citizens. The propaganda will not hide the horrendous deterioration in the health sector, where medicines are unavailable, where pregnant women fear for their lives, where children die of preventable causes every day. The propaganda cannot hide the increasing national debt from $US1.1B in 2015 to now $1.7B, while squandering the gold reserve from $25B in the Bank of Guyana at the end of 2014 to now almost zero and the National Reserve from almost $US700M to under $400M now. The propaganda cannot hide the rampant corruption.
God-fearing people know the Constitution is a guarantee of people’s rights. When the Government deliberately railroad the Constitution they are taking away people’s God-given rights. The people’s rights include a free and fair election and the Constitution provides for them to change their Government. That right was exercised through their representatives on December 21st, 2018 in Parliament. The Judicial system has affirmed the people’s rights were properly exercised that day. Now they want to nominate and appoint the GECOM Chair by themselves and they insist the Court has no jurisdiction over them. With utter lunacy, APNU/AFC stubbornly resists the inevitable – facing an election – fearful not even God will save them.