APNU/AFC Ministers lied to the National Assembly

Dear Editor,
Several issues have been plaguing Berbicians since the APNU/AFC coalition Government took Office, unfortunately, the coalition is reluctant to address these issues and continues to foster incompetence so it is only appropriate that some of these issues are publicly ventilated despite that they will continue to be unresolved.
The situation of the health sector is at an all-time low, even the dead are not being spared by this Government because of the mismanagement of persons who are political activists of this APNU/AFC Government that are placed in key management positions. The refusal of Government officials to explain to the taxpayers of this country is disrespectful. The Public Health Minister remains a statue in her response to the numerous health-related issues that exist.
The situation at Guyana Water Inc continues to financially destabilise residents since the increases are in excess of 500 per cent or even more. The Government officials of GWI refused to engage the customers in order to bring resolution. GWI is guilty of damaging public infrastructure and refuses to fix or reinstate them to their original state.
Another issue that is going to contribute to the unemployment that already exists in Region Six is the Cabinet and NDIA hijacking the Regional Budget that was appropriated by the National Assembly for Agriculture and Drainage and Irrigation. The RDC of Region Six was bypassed by Cabinet and secretly transferred the monies to NDIA.
Cde Zulfikar Mustapha, MP, questioned both Minister Holder and Minister Bulkhan in Parliament and both Ministers assured that this would not change since the system is working efficiently. These Ministers are lying to the Guyanese people since the decision was taken before the Budget presentation. This APNU/AFC coalition Government boasts about respect for local democracy but secretly destroys democracy.

Zamal Hussain