APNU/AFC’s blatant lies on development in Region 10

Dear Editor,
Undoubtedly, the APNU/AFC Opposition party’s poor attempts to discredit the PPP/C Government’s efforts that are geared towards the development of Region 10 do not go unnoticed. It has been noted that publications were made by the APNU+AFC Coalition in which it was stated that the PPP/C is “discriminating against” and “stifling” Linden and Region 10. These lies are only intended to create division and undermine the Government’s commitment to the development of Guyana.
Here are the facts.
The APNU/AFC did very little for Region 10 during the period 2015-2020. In fact, it was the PPP/C Government that transformed the region up to 2015, and is committed to continuously building on such transformation to give the region an economic boost. Looking back at the development works undertaken by the PPP/C, it is clear that the Government is focused on the well-being of all residents within the region; unlike the APNU+AFC, who neglected countless areas.
In terms of health, the PPP/C Administration has improved healthcare delivery across Region 10 by investing billions into building and rehabilitating hospitals and health centres over the years. Notable projects include the $1.8 billion state-of-the-art Mackenzie Hospital; a new hospital at Ituni, and a complete rehabilitation of the Kwakwani Hospital. In addition, the Government had established several health huts across the region so as to provide residents with better access to healthcare.
In terms of education, the PPP/C has focused on Region 10 over the years in order to boost education delivery. In fact, the Government built the Linden Foundation Secondary School along with schools in Wisroc, One Mile, and Kwakwani. Primary schools were also built under the PPP/C Administration in areas like Watooka, Mackenzie, Ituni, Coomacka, 47 and 58 Miles, to name a few. Rehabilitation works were also done on the Mackenzie High School as well as the Wisburg Multilateral Secondary School under the PPP/C Administration.
In terms of housing and water, the PPP/C has invested into massive housing drives in Linden over the years. Those drives saw the allocation of over 2,500 house lots to residents. At the same time, a fire station was constructed at Mackenzie, a courthouse at Wismar, and police outposts at Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc, to better serve residents. Two new water treatment plants were also constructed in Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc, amounting to in excess of $1.7 billion.
The PPP/C, as a Government, also spent over $22 billion on electricity subsidies in Linden-Ituni, and approximately $800 million in Kwakwani during its tenure up to 2015. Solar electrification projects were also undertaken in Region 10 to provide electricity to Amerindian villages. At the same time, over $200 million was injected into agricultural projects at West Watooka and Moblissa over the years. Notably, other projects include the Women of Worth (WOW) project that saw single parents being supported. In fact, over 44 loans were issued to assist in this regard from 2013 to 2015 under the PPP/C Government.
The PPP/C also injected billions into the bauxite industry in Region 10 to keep it operational over the years. In fact, up until the investment of LINMINE, the Government was injecting around US$5 million annually to keep the bauxite industry afloat, so that jobs would be secured. Even with the privatisation of LINMINE and the loss of jobs, the PPP/C paid out over $2.5 billion to affected workers and introduced the LEAP programme that saw over $700 million in loans being issued to persons for works across the region. Some of these works included the rehabilitation of the Mackenzie Car Park, improvement to the Mackenzie waterfront, and the building of the Benjamin Center to honour the first mayor of Linden. In addition, the Government had also built the first ever call center in the region, which saw employment opportunities being created for over 100 residents.
However, it was the APNU/AFC Coalition that decided to cease operations and displace these workers.
The PPP/C Government led by President Irfaan Ali is committed to the development of Region 10. In fact, during the campaign period leading up to the 2020 elections, the President outlined his vision of making the region a hub for economic activities, given the prospects associated with the oil and gas sector. Further emphasis has also been placed on building the Linden-to-Lethem road, which would commence this year. Such a PPP/C-led project would see significant growth opportunities for the region as well as residents alike.
In this regard, the PPP/C rejects the efforts made by the APNU+AFC Coalition to discredit the Government’s commitment to the development of Region 10, as well as to create further division within the Guyanese populace.
The PPP/C will continue to serve in the best interest of the people, by developing every region so that Guyana can become an economically strong country.

Alvin Hamilton