APNU Region 5 MP targeting professional public servants

Dear Editor,
In a very recent post on Facebook dated 19th February 2021, regional MP for the APNU\PNC Mr. Viceroy Jordan made a post under the heading and I quote “Breaking News! Breaking News! Massive corruption unearthed in Mahaica-Berbice Region #5, contracts to build/install two (2) new incinerators at Mahaicony and Fort Wellington Hospitals which were awarded to contractors under the APNU+AFC Coalition government to the tune of $12 million both of which were given over by the now REO to PPP cronies.
The two contracts were awarded to a contracting service by selective tendering, to the tune of over $13.5 million each in late October,2020.
What is even more damning is that over 60% of the contract sums has already been paid to both contractors and to date no work has started. Fort Wellington hospital has an old incinerator that is not functioning properly and the one at Mahaicony Hospital is out of service staffers has been complaining about the large built up of garbage at both facilities”.
It is sad when persons are put at the highest place of representation to represent the people and sit one place on their behind and play as if they know it all and whatever they hear is factual.
Firstly Mr. Sleeping MP, you need to wake up and smell the coffee, all most everything you have said in that post is absolutely untrue and as a member of parliament representing the people of region 5, you should do some research, in fact you are just representing yourself and trying hard to play the hate and race game.
Mr. Sleeping MP, you have mentioned massive corruption unearthed in region 5 and went on to state where or what caused you to make that allegation. Let me say this, that you and your comrades have been targeting the said engineer for the past five years under the APNUAFC and have been accusing the said engineer who is a professional public servant, all because you guys could not have corrupted him to go the corrupt way.
As a former regional councillor, I have always found that the engineer acted in a very professional manner although he was targeted and pressured by even the former PNC REO and some of the top regional PNC officials. He was abused and many attempts were made to remove him but little did you guys know; I was rebelling against all the ministers that wanted to remove that young man and it could not have happened as long as I sat as a regional councillor.
Mr. Sleeping MP, not only were your comrades and the former REO targeting the engineer, but a few contractors, esp. the contractor who was getting all the D&I work in the region and later became a building contractor (many of his work was not upto standard). They would complain to the REO and their PNC comrades when being corrected or when the engineer refused to sign off on works that didn’t go through the tendering process or not upto standard.
Mr. MP, you went on to mention a contractor name and label the engineer as a friend of the said person. Well, I guess because the public servant is an engineer, he should not have friends esp. those that he has friendship with over the many years. Is it only APNUAFC contractors who are allowed to be friends with government engineers? I guess so.
Maybe you as an MP need to know that the engineer does not control the tender board or even the selection of contractors, but it is being done in the most professional manner when giving out contracts through the tendering process and bidding, which has been happening for the past six months or so, unlike what was happening under APNUAFC.
Now to deal with the cream on top of the coffee, it’s this simple, you are lying to the public by stating in your post that the contracts are now being awarded to two separate contractors, which was already given to two other contractors for said work under APNUAFC.
Mr. Sleeping MP, the facts of the matter are here and straight to your face, those two contractors that were awarded the correct under the APNUAFC, have chuck-in their hands (withdraw) from the said work because they know that it will be hard for them to manage and or complete.
Infact, both of the contractors that were given (please note I haven’t used awarded) the work under APNUAFC did not do any sort of building work. Both were newcomers, like many contractors that were given work under APNUAFC and have no experience.
One of the said contractors, was given multi million dollars contracts through hand pick and hand out to supply IT equipment to the regional education department. That very IT contractor was also given the contract to look after all the computers, printers, internet and all other IT equipment that falls under the region without any opening tendering process.

When I question as to, why is it only this now come, just started, the contractor was getting all the IT work and no other person that is qualified? I was told that the said contractor is attending the church with a very senior regional official and she recommended him and is ensuring he gets work every week. In fact, I was told that the contractor was also paid to change the internet password every week.
So, Mr. Sleeping MP, after those two contractors that were given the work cut and run because they don’t know what needs to be done, the work has to go on and that is how the story goes. Infact, the two contractors that are now being awarded with the work, also bid for said work during that said bidding period.
So, those two contractors are the ones that are in line to get the work after the two chaps who are starters in building construction cut, run and burn because they could not have managed the work.
Mr. Sleeping MP, that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So please get your facts and then try something new.

Happy Republic All.
Abel Seetaram