Archery Guyana represented for 2nd consecutive year at the 3rd BOA Independence Invitational Games

Local archer Dwayne Grovesnor has represented the Golden Arrowhead with pride and dignity as he participated in the 3rd Annual 2018 Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) Independence Invitational Games.
The two-day event, held on November 10 and 11, saw archers congregating from participating countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Bahamas, and doing battle at two locations: Coverlet Terrace and Carrington College, in the capital city of Bridgetown.
Recurve and Compound men and women shot over 4,000 arrows at a distance of

Local archer Dwayne Grovesnor (third from left) during the recently concluded BOA Independence Invitational Games

50 metres, with things getting underway with competitors shooting 12 rounds consisting of 6 arrows in each end; for a total number of 72 arrows, with a maximum possible score of 720 points.
The archers were forced to contest not only with each other, but with the inclement weather conditions, which were not suitable for shooting because of overcast skies for most of the morning sessions. In the end, it was a valiant effort by the Guyanese, who ended in the 6th spot out of the top 7 spots.
The Archery Guyana representative shot bravely against seasoned archers, and eventually racked up 539 points; but it wasn’t enough to deter the class of Frenchman Christian Comte of Martinique, who shot an amazing 618 points to walk away as champ.
When the scores were posted, archers were informed which other archer he/she would be paired with for match play elimination rounds, wherein archers shot 5 rounds of 3 arrows each, with a top score of 30 points.
In the match play against Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana took the first set 24 to 23, but Trinidad came back to win the next set 24 to 21, as Guyana could not find the form that won the first set; and lost sets 3 & 4, missing out on a spot in the finals, thus making it an all-Trinidad affair.
Archery Guyana hereby commends the organisers of the tournament, and congratulates all the winners, as the Caribbean as a whole moves forward to promote Archery as a sport. (Clifton Ross)