Arches to be erected to mark city boundaries

Arches will be established on both the East Bank Demerara (EBD) and East Coast of Demerara (ECD) roadways to identify the city boundaries.

The arch being established on the EBD
The arch being established on the EBD

Over the years, there has been much confusion as to which villages actually mark the beginning of the EBD and ECD respectively, with some areas on both corridors being referred to as “Greater Georgetown”.
On Sunday afternoon, an arching structure was being erected on the EBD roadway in the vicinity of Eccles/Agricola, indicating that that is the southern boundary of Georgetown.
Therefore, all the villages north of the arch are part and parcel of Georgetown.
Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson, who was on site at the time, told Guyana Times that the initiative is a public/private partnership aimed at indicating where Georgetown actually begins/ends.
The development of the structure on EBD is being funded by Banks DIH Limited.
On the ECD an arch will be erected in the vicinity of Industry.
Therefore the villages: Cummings Lodge, Turkeyen, Pattensen, Sophia, Bel Air and Blygezigt are all part of the city.
Government is currently engaged in discussions with the private sector seeking funding for the establishment of that structure.