Are more deadly destabilising tactics being used?

Dear Editor,
The vicious and brutal attack on the Presidential Guards, and the obvious attempt to assassinate President Dr Irfaan Ali by a lone Nigerian who came into this country just after the 2020 General Elections, should not be seen as an isolated incident, though there will be vociferous denials from sympathising Judases.
There is a link, which must be investigated. There appears to be a clandestine and well-coordinated plan to destabilise the PPP/C Government. On July 3rd, 2002, the Presidential Office was stormed by a group of mobsters who called themselves protesters, and though the PNC denied being the architect of that treasonous act, PNC leader Desmond Hoyte had made the call in June 2002 for the removal of the PPP/C Government. He had endorsed the call made by Phillip Bynoe. Unwittingly, after the treasonous act, PNC Chairman Robert Corbin admitted that the Party supported the illegal protest, and PNC leader Hoyte blamed the Police for not giving permission for the protest march. Therefore, it was clear that the storming of the President’s Office was as a result of an illegal protest march that was fully supported by the PNC.
The perpetrators were pardoned in 2008 by then President Jagdeo.
The Nigerian wanted to see the President, but he had a knife concealed in a pouch, and when he was cautioned about having to be processed before entering the compound, he began his vicious attack with intent to kill. Nothing should stand in his way.
The intention to assassinate the President was clear, but the pertinent questions are: Was he carrying out the instructions from the real architect who wanted to remove the PPP/C Government? Who stands to benefit from this act? Was he a paid assassin? What motive would a Nigerian have to assassinate the President of Guyana? Are mercenaries now being used to carry out political biddings?
In another incident, a simple order to remove the street vendors ignited a violent protest led by Mayor Ubraj Narine and AFC MP ringmaster Sherod Duncan. Where were they when the parking meters were installed? The Mayor was vehement in his clarion call to incite ethnic strife. He said the situation was escalating into a ‘religious fight’, and wondered if ‘we are heading for a Muslim State’ — clearly insinuating that the President, being a Muslim, wants to turn Guyana into a Muslim State.
His venomous statements cannot be substantiated by any event which occurred in recent times or at all, therefore, his incitement can only be seen as another attempt to destabilise the PPP/C Government by creating ethnic division, resulting in hate and violence. We have seen in the past that the PNC would jump at any opportunity to orchestrate violent protests which would result in chaos and mayhem to mostly Indo-Guyanese. This was evident by the large mob which quickly materialised. Why would the Mayor make such an incendiary statement?
This event happened on December 14th, and on December 15th the assassination attempt on the President was made. Are these incidents unrelated? Dirty politics is rearing its head once again, but with more deadly tactics being employed.
The Guyana Police Force should leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this new and worrying dimension in Guyanese politics. I must compliment the bravery of the two guards, who remained strong, resolute, and committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our President and his family. And I wish a most speedy recovery to Teon Perreira, whose bravery and courage in the line of duty is extraordinarily remarkable.

Yours sincerely
Haseef Yusuf