Armed men attack, rob Alberttown business

– Ex-employee identified as one of the bandits

A Cummings Street, Alberttown business was allegedly robbed and the owner was assaulted on Saturday morning by armed men, one of whom is an ex-employee.
Based on reports received, the incident occurred at A & A Home Furnishing, located at Lot 333 Cummings Street, Albertown, at about 09:00h.
The owner’s son, Zeerak Sheik, told Guyana Times that staff had just arrived at work when two armed men stormed the establishment – one of whom was employed at the said establishment three weeks ago.
The armed men held the employees at gunpoint and ordered them to lie on the ground. However, the young man explained that during the ordeal, his father walked in and was gun-butted.
“We were just getting started. One of the person that came work for us for three weeks. He came with another person and he tell everybody here, all the workers to get on the ground. He hit my father on his head with the gun,” he related.
During the robbery, the suspects broke a television system and disconnected the CCTV surveillance footage. The men carted off with an undisclosed sum of cash from the register.
“One of them men opened that cash drawer, collected the money and ran away from the scene. I won’t be able to say the exact amount of money. We were running busy for this past month here and so we hire an extra person, which was one of the guys who attacked and robbed us. He was wearing a cap, a red shirt, jeans and white slippers.”
The home furnishing business has been in operation for the past four years but this is the first time the establishment was robbed. No one was seriously injured.
The owner was taken to the hospital where he was treated and sent away. The police were contacted and an investigation was launched.