ASK- G host another successful grading examination

The karate fraternity in Guyana continues to make good progress as karatekas continue to be assessed frequently in order to zero in on their development.

The entirety of the promoted karatekas

On Sunday last, March 3, Head of the International Karate Daigaku (IKD), 9th Dan Shuseki Shihan Frank Woon-A- Tai, assisted by Amir Khouri 7th Dan and Roger Peroune 4th Dan, conducted the most recent of the karate grading examinations at the YMCA Thomas Lands.
With some refreshing performances by the younger children, the exercise culminated in loud applause from the parents and supporters who were present. An enjoyable day came to an end after the white, yellow, orange, green and blue belts exams were completed.
Additionally, presentations for past successful Dan ranks were made by Shuseki Shihan Woon-A-Tai. Later on, examinations resumed with the anxious and anticipated Dan levels (8 for Shodan, 1 for Nidan and 1 for Yondan).
An excellent performance by 50-year-old Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara (EBD) instructor, Parmeshwar Persaud earned him the status of Yondan.
In the Dan promotions, Persaud was the only karateka to be promoted out of 4th Dan while Chad Profitt (YMCA) was the lone participant with a second Dan promotion.

Part of the grading action

Meanwhile, the first Dan promotion was the largest category with Amara Geya Nandan (YMCA); Bohan Cao (YMCA); Joel Dazzell (YMCA); Budhdave Singh (YMCA); Angelo Harris (YMCA); Raphael Isaacs (Albion, Berbice) and Krisendat Phagoo (Albion, Berbice) all being promoted.

KYU promotions
9 to Yellow Belt: Yidiel Beaton, Shaoyu Li, Madison Narine, Aaradhya Samaroo, Kaleb Kassim, Suri Kassim, Suzanna Mohanlall, Emily Ceres, and Samarah Dhanraj .
16 to Orange Belt: Amira Rupai; Jordon Hargobin; Kristen Sanasie; Theron Lake; Tyrese Gittens; Dylon Bess (Jr); Noorisha Harrinarine; Esteban Corro Gonzalez; Edien Dookie; Mia Bailey; Samuel Klass; Vijay Tiwari; Chris Hicks; Halen Jiang; Stephen Buchana and Donte Garraway.
20 to Green Belt: Kyron Thomas, Romel Samuels, Jonathon Morgan, Sahira Ali, Giada Agdomar, Ajit Dehaan, Mia Singh, Nathaniel Higgins, Ethan Rosine, Nelicia Higgins, Saskia Dyasindoo, Jasmine Ramdas, Bethany Agdomar, Tyrone Niles, Saif Tulla, Keith Williams, Elijah Rosine, On Beaton, Isaiah Anderson, and Aishah Persaud.
8 to Blue Belt: Joel Harry, Tyler Bess, Junxi Yang, Izaiah Abrams, Tyshaun Bess, Joshua Rampersaud, Joshua Daniels, and Rahman Yakub.
8 to Purple Belt: Matthew Salim, Adrian Bhawanidin, Isaiyah Proctor, Joshua Nimar, Anuvani Gunpat, Kristen Samaroo, Prince Dunn, and Christian Rampersaud.
8 to Brown (3): Nicolai Adolph, Maressa Baksh, Mariam Baksh, Maheshwar Dyasindoo, Malini Jainarine, Yam Chan Chu, Nicholas Rampersaud, and Luke Seabra.
9 to Brown (2): Obinna Utoh, Brandon Foo, Nathan Narine, Bhaskar Jaipersaud, Shinessa Boyce, Crystal Itwaru, Mariah Baksh, Akeem McPherson, and Anastassia Seabra.
7 to Brown (1): Maria Baksh, Jared Rambissoon, Navindra Deonarine, Kevin Fraser, Andre Sookram, Christopher James, and Bradley Fenty.
The Association do Shotokan Karate–Guyana (ASK-G) sought to congratulate all their students who were successful and also the instructors – Roger Peroune, Malcolm Francis, Keith Beaton, Patrick Gurahoo, and Wanda Agdomar (YMCA); Clinton Moriah (New Amsterdam); Hazrat Ali (Albion and Blairmont); Parmeshwar Persaud (Land of Canaan) and Mahadeo Ramotar (GFK) for their commitment to the development of karate and the karatekas.
Additionally, Shuseki Shihan Woon-A-Tai will be hosting intensive instructors’ and judges’ training sessions at the Guyana Karate College (GKC) and ASK-G YMCA until he departs on Saturday, March 16, 2019.