Aspects of the American election mirror what transpired here in Guyana

Dear Editor,
Guyana has had some notable firsts during this century and the election saga that recently ended here was no different – our election story hit the world stage like lightning. In some instances, it was with a good message, however, in others it left a bad and unsavoury taste in our mouths, chief of which was the great reluctance by one party to accept defeat.
However, today I shall speak of another first and that is how Guyana’s election fiasco mirrored that of the USA. I am talking about the stark realities of a loss staring you in the face, yet you keep shouting from the top of your lungs that you have won, yes, this was the situation in Guyana as well as in the mighty USA. Now, in normal circumstances, one would expect the one who lost the race to do the honourable thing and bow out gracefully, but this was not the case in Guyana.
When the PNC-led coalition lost, they did not concede and kept setting up roadblocks along the way frustrating the process at every turn. Such was the situation in the great USA where Trump was adamant that he will win and was digging in his heels as the legitimate “owner” of the White House.
In the first instance when he realised that defeat was upon him, he blurted out that there should be a halt to the counting of the votes. Stop the counting of the votes, he shouted while his ardent supporters started a ruckus in the streets.
There was a similar situation here in Guyana also where the PNC said that there should be no recount, just blind acceptance of Mingo’s mangle and Lowenfield’s jangle. In fact, this is one of their filings in the election petition that there should never have been a recount, which makes this whole affair revealingly stupid! But all of this does make sense to them.
How else could one determine the results of an election if the votes aren’t counted? Votes make for an election and the counting of those votes determines the winner. So, this crazy guy called Donald Trump was either high on something or plain stupid, to say the least. Whichever way the diagnosis went he was up against it and the truth was soon about to sink in.
Now, in the final stages of his rantings when down on the canvas he shouted out again, that there were “dead voters on the list.” I think this one caught my attention the strongest, that is, dead voters on the voting list, because, from all appearances, this seems to have been a scene taken straight from the PNC’s election book of 2020.
So, this loose cannon of an American President would have had some long-distance training from Harmon and his PNC Comrades here. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, in like manner all sick jokes must come to an end also, the facts show that the PNC did lose the election and so did Trump, he too lost as the story comes to a screeching end.

Neil Adams