Bajan, T&T boxing teams to train in Guyana for CAC Games

The Land of Many Waters is on the fast track towards becoming the home of boxing training camps and seminars in the near future, with the first step towards this achievement being made next month.
From June 3 to June 13, a five-member Barbadian contingent will visit Guyana for precisely this purpose.
The team of four pugilists and one trainer from the Land of the Flying Fish have selected Guyana to serve as the base for their preparatory phase for the impending Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games.
By the same token, a vastly larger Trinidad and Tobago contingent will also be utilising Guyana’s training facilities and coaches during the month of July to prepare for the prestigious Caribbean Schoolboys and Junior championships in August on local shores. Further details on the respective contingents will be disclosed at a later time.

GBA President Steve Ninvalle

Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) President Steve Ninvalle stated that the decision of Barbados and subsequently Trinidad and Tobago to utilise the expertise, facilities, and personnel of the Association as part of their regimen for the CAC Games is a testament to the historic profile, portfolio, and pedigree that have been attained by the entity within the English-speaking Caribbean.
The GBA boss went on to explain, “This is a momentous moment for Guyanese boxing. The fact that nations have identified Guyana as a base for the staging of training camps is indicative of the advancements the Association has made and achieved in the discipline, both from a personnel and infrastructure standpoint. We now possess two three-star coaches, a Cuban trainer, and quality training partners in the form of world-ranked boxers, which will be utilised by our visitors. This camp is in recognition of our collective labour to advance boxing which is not a random event.”
“Guyana is the leading light in the English-speaking Caribbean, our results are evidence of such a status, and our Caribbean brothers and sisters have opted to tap directly into that heritage and culture of achievements. What Jamaica is for our track and field and football athletes, we strive and envision to match for Caribbean boxing, especially in the English-speaking region,” Ninvalle concluded.