Bandit shot after robbing Linden store

A Linden man was shot and killed on Wednesday afternoon, after allegedly robbing a hardware store at Wismar, Linden in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

Dead: Kevin Batson

Dead is Kevin Batson of Wismar. Reports are that Batson and an accomplice, who were both armed, stormed into the Sadam Hardware Store situated at One Mile, Wismar at approximately 15:30h. The men then held the owner and staff at gunpoint.
This publication understands that during the ordeal, the store owner was gun-butted before the perpetrators made off with items from the store.
The owner of the store and one of his friends then pursued the duo in a vehicle, and fired shots in the direction of the perpetrators.
According to the store owner, one of the perpetrators was shot during the ordeal. Ranks were later summoned to the scene, and they also discharged several rounds in the direction of the perpetrators following a search.
The Police later managed to recover the store owner?s wallet and identification card in the perpetrators? possession.
While Batson was fatally shot, his accomplice was apprehended by Police, and remains in custody, where he is assisting with the investigation. Batson succumbed at the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), where he was transported by ambulance. It is unclear whether he was killed from shots fired by the store owner or Police.
Regional Commander Superintendent Hugh Winter, when contacted, noted that this is yet to be ascertained.
Shots were fired also, but I?m not sure whether or not the shot was from the Police, (and) I?m not sure how many shots; so, that has to be confirmed, maybe with the post Mortem,? the Commander said.
An investigation is currently underway.