Bandits invade New Amsterdam home

…escapes with cash, jewellery

A gang of five men, all armed with guns, invaded an Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam home.
Reports are the men at about 11:35h on Sunday, invaded the Lot 767 Timmers Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam home which also houses a business in the lower flat.

Somawattie Bacchus

The home/business is owned by 44-year-old Ameer Bacchus and his 40-year-old wife Somawattie Bacchus, called “Samantha”.
Speaking with this publication, Somawattie Bacchus recalled that the family had just concluded a gathering when her brother left to take her brother-in-law home.
According to the distraught woman, her brother returned shortly afterwards, and her husband went to open the gate for him. She further related she was seated in her kitchen when she heard a voice say, “tell she don’t move.” Mrs Bacchus related that as she turned around she was the bandit with a gun to her husband’s head. She added that the gunman then lashed her husband in his head and he fell unconscious.
“Them start fuh kick he and then I ask why them beating he, why y’all don’t take what ya’ll want and go… I bend down fuh help me husband and then the bandit start to kick me up in my face and back and asking for my bangle and the cash,” the still traumatised woman related.
She said that she then told her 14-year-old son to hand over the cash and jewellery but after he complied, the gunmen were not satisfied with the booty.
“Them seh that them aint want dat alone that them want the money in the wardrobe,” the woman said, adding that she had no other valuables in the house.
This newspaper was told that there were three men in the house while two others kept watch outside.
Guyana Times was told that as the gunmen were robbing the family, the couple’s sister-in-law who lives in the house behind them returned home from work.
The woman said that as she walked passed her in-laws home, a masked gunman attempted to grabbed her, but she managed to run into her home and closed the door. An alarm was raised, and the men escaped before Police arrived.
This publication understands that the gunmen escaped with several cellular phones, a Samsung tablet, a total of $90,000 in cash and an estimated $200,000 in jewellery. An investigation has been launched.