Banks DIH wins Coca-Cola Excellence Cup again

Banks DIH Limited has, for the second time, won the prestigious Coca-Cola Excellence Cup award for performance excellence for small markets within the Coca-Cola Latin Centre Business Unit (LCBU) annual competition.
The Cup was awarded at the recent LCBU annual awards ceremony in Miami, Florida, USA, a release from the company said on Thursday.
On receiving the award, Human Resources Director Andrew Carto said: “It is with a sense of pride and accomplishment that we accept on behalf of our team at Banks DIH, recognition from the Coca-Cola Company in the Excellence Award, that our effort and contribution were not in vain and were recognised.”

Banks DIH Excellence Cup

He added that the company wished to reiterate its total alignment with the objectives of the Coca-Coca Company to grow the iconic brand and to uphold the attributes of quality, consistency, health, safety of employees and promoting sustainable development both globally and with the communities in which it operated.
Banks DIH Limited has been a bottling partner with Coca-Cola for more than 30 years — since the iconic beverage was officially launched in Guyana.
“We at Banks will readily attest to the fact that our relationship with Coca-Cola has been for us a rewarding experience on several fronts. We have, as a result of those mutual efforts, been able to not only grow the brand within Guyana, but also to improve the quality and efficiencies in general across our company thereby increasing value for all of our stakeholders,” Carto said.
Among the competitors were a number of leading bottlers in the Caribbean and Latin America who competed in several categories including sales, health, safety and the environment.
The local manufacturing giant was previously awarded the Cup in November 2016. (G15)