Bar manager hit to head, shoots rowdy customer

Gunplay between three men and a bar manager on Friday morning resulted in one man being shot to his leg while the others are in Police custody.
Reports are that at about 01:30h, three men went to a bar at Nigg Village, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), to purchase alcoholic beverages. This newspaper was told that as the men drank their beverages, they started to harass a waitress at the bar.
After being warned by the manager to desist, the men continued and the manager again went to the rescue of the waitress.
This newspaper was told that this led to an argument with one of the men picking up a bottle and hitting the bar manager on his head.
A police source told this publication that the bar manager left the establishment, went to his home, which is nearby, and returned with a loaded unlicensed firearm.
It is alleged that when the trio saw him return with a firearm, they hurriedly returned to their vehicle to leave but one of them whipped out a gun and pointed it in the direction of the bar manager.
According to a police source, the bar manager is a deportee who returned to Guyana after serving close to 20 years in an overseas prison for murder.
Both the bar manager and the other armed man fired shots towards each other. One of the men was shot to his leg as he was about to enter the car. He was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he is presently a patient under Police guard.
This publication was told that the hospital notified the police that a man had been admitted with a gunshot wound.
The police went to the hospital, where they also saw the injured man’s two friends. As such, they too were arrested and a search was conducted on the car.
Two spent shells were recovered inside of the vehicle. The police also arrested the bar manager. An investigation has been launched.