Be alert for severe weather conditions – Hydromet Office

High winds last year caused damage to infrastructure across several coastal areas

The Hydrometeorological Service has sent out an alert for severe weather conditions that are expected this week, so that persons can be on the lookout and take precautions.
The statement said that strong winds ranging from 27-30 km/h are expected along the coastal regions until Thursday, February 18. Moderate to rough seas are also forecast until then, with wave heights of 2.5 metres to 3.0 metres.
Marine operators are asked to take note of the current forecast, since it can be “hazardous”.
“Residents are advised to exercise caution during this period. Secure objects that are outdoor and caution should be taken if driving. Fishermen and other marine users are asked to exercise caution as moderate to rough seas combined with wind can be hazardous,” the Hydromet office outlined.
In several instances, high winds in Guyana have resulted in the destruction of houses and electrical poles. Less than a year ago in July, scores of coastal communities were awakened by the combination of rain and winds, which ripped apart several structures and left households without electricity.
The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) had said, “Due to high winds, burst power lines, fallen poles and other infrastructural damage have been reported.”
There were sporadic reports of slight damage that were controlled by householders while three households in Vryheid’s Lust, Success and Lamaha Park in Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica), and two at Westberry and Line Dam, Queenstown, on the Essequibo Coast, Region Two, suffered varying degrees of damage to rooftops.
There was also further damage to public infrastructure, with live wires ripped from main poles to private homes at De Groute, West Bank Demerara, and the commentator’s booth at Uitvlugt Community Centre Ground collapsing. Testing for COVID-19 was also delayed, as the lab was unable to process any new samples collected during the day. (G12)