Being honest with the people is cause for PPP/C’s success

Dear Editor,
I was in a conversation with some individuals on Facebook, a few of them of them with suspect pseudonyms, on the subject of politics and political parties in Guyana. As expected, those pseudonyms eventually zeroed in on the upcoming elections and the inevitable win by the PPP/C – like winning is a bad omen for the party.
They are in great fear as to a sure win for the PPP/C and the consequential loss of the coalition due to its incompetence and mismanagement of the economy. They were also of the view that the coalition might never again be able to hold power in this country. They opined that the people would be unforgiving of this coalition due to the fact that it fooled the electorate with all these lies and propaganda to get into power when in stark reality they did abominably worse. The people have seen corruption and nepotism at its worse these past three and a half years that the mood right now is an anxious awaiting of the earliest opportunity to get rid of them.
And here’s my point, the fear, the fright, the foreboding of those of our opponents that the PPP/C will win the next election. The fear is real because the people whom they fooled have seen them for who they really are, naked and exposed in their lies. I am also saying that the people have seen that there is a party waiting in the wings ready and able to bring them out into a path of peace and progress. That party is the PPP/C. This is their plight.
But I will tell them that it is not about winning elections and getting into position and power, far from it, our greatness lies in being honest and true to the people of this country. We win because of our honesty and forthrightness with the people. Team spirit and our allegiance to the people have been our mantra all these years, we cannot change now! To lie and be so brazen about it like the PNC-led coalition, is alien to our nature. The fabric of our party is to build, to lift up, to help people and bring prosperity to this country.
The party says what it does, and this is what the people respect, which goes all across the political divide. That makes for greatness! We do not, and I repeat, we do not lie to the electorate. That is something the PNC and its lackeys are gifted with – lies, innuendos, and more lies are not our orientation, we are cut from a different cloth. Yes, team PPP/C, ours is the best form of national front governance seen anywhere in the Caribbean.

Neil Adams