Belabouring the obvious…

…on “divisions”
Gathering the pearls flowing from the lips of departing US Dep. Consular Officer Brian Hunt is now a full-blown cottage industry for the chatterati. His utterances are then parsed, hermeneuticised, exegesisised, and even subjected to tea-leaf treatment for meanings that might lurking beneath the surface.
Your Eyewitness was intrigued by his pronouncement that Guyana was “too divided” and – translated into politics – large chunks of the population are left out of “the corridors of power”. Some old philosopher once said one’s first task is to answer the question, “What should I know?” Well, Brian Hunt’s answered this question as it relates to Guyana’s politics. Do we agree with him? Almost everybody and their idiot cousin had posed and answered the question just like the big diplomat.
The problem was the politicians didn’t want to say it in public for the longest while – like for 50 years or so. But, of recent, they’ve been slowly accepting the nature of the elephant in the room. So maybe we can maybe move off to the old philosopher’s second question? To wit – “what ought we to do?” Or more succinctly, in the words of Tina Turner, “Whachagonna do ’bout it?” Hunt wasn’t fazed, and said laconically: we need “constitutional change”.
Once again, ‘most everyone and their idiot cousin had pretty much figured out the same thing way back when. Including the fellas now in power. When APNU/AFC were in the Opposition, it was “Constitutional change THIS…and Constitutional change THAT”…at the drop of a hat. Even when there wasn’t a hat in sight! But something funny happened on the way to the swearing-in ceremony after the elections after APNU/AFC won. They suddenly developed either amnesia, or aphasia: the first is maybe they’ve completely forgotten their promises or the second is they can’t understand or express the promise because of brain damage.
So, maybe Brian Hunt can give us a hint as to how we can get the Government to accept Constitutional change that’ll make them share power with their arch enemy, the PPP? Because the same old philosopher who your Eyewitness quoted earlier also said “an option isn’t an option if it’s not an exercisable option”. Or words to that effect, since he spoke in German and sometimes the gutturals made him unintelligible.
But everybody and their idiot uncle also knew – for the longest while – that Brian Hunt’s Embassy can influence this Government to make the option exercisable. After all, they do have a relationship that goes back more than 50 years! So will he?
The old philosopher had a third and final question…”What may I hope?”

…on the parking contract
Is there possibly a soul out there who doesn’t think the Parking contract executed by the Lady Mayor and her Gang of Four isn’t more crooked than a pretzel? So, since we all “know”… we move on to question number two – what the heck are the citizens of Georgetown doing about it? Why the citizens of Georgetown and not all of us who work there and who’ll have to fork out $4000/day or $80,000/monthly for the privilege of parking their vehicles?
Well…THEY are the ones who voted those despicable frauds into office!! That why! They’re the ones who stifled their consciences and ignored all the signs that were staring them in the face. And what should they do? Well…DUH!! The same that the Gang of Four preached when the shoe (meaning Carol Sooba!) was on the other foot: picket them and prevent them from taking their seats at the City Hall horseshoe.
Can we hope? Your Eyewitness isn’t gonna be holding his breath!

…on Brexit
The great unwashed of Britain voted to “leave” the EU ’cause they couldn’t stand the 3 million Polish, Romanian and other Eastern European immigrants.
But the latter still get to stay!! So who’s the loser?!! Or the fool??