Belle Vue Sports Club on the move

– but executives claim “visionary group” trying to stymie progress

It has been almost a year since the resuscitation of the Belle Vue Sports Club and the youths of that area are now happier with the change from dormancy and neglect, to a progressive environment.
In the minds of many, the stagnation and neglect seemed inevitable, but this was changed through diligent work by those who understand the value and benefits of youths engaging meaningfully in sport.

Young members of the Belle Vue Sports Club pose with some of the individuals who were responsible for the club’s resuscitation
Young members of the Belle Vue Sports Club pose with some of the individuals who were responsible for the club’s resuscitation

Fifteen years of dormancy has already made its mark on the lives of many youths who desired to be engaged in sport. Many were not afforded the opportunity to realise their potential or make their dreams a reality.
The community of Belle Vue has witnessed the negative impact on the minds of those who did not benefit from the positive influence sport can contribute to their social and physical wellbeing. Over the years, many youths were forced to abandon sport and gravitate to unwholesome activities.
Today, the youths of Belle Vue have much to look forward to and dream big as their potential can now be realised. Executed by a discipline and energetic group of individuals, who have a passion for youths and sports, nurturing these youths through coaching and mentoring has become an easy task, because of their inclination.
Pastor Krishna Singh, who was very instrumental in the resuscitation, continues to play an active role in the lives of the youths. He lends his professionalism, time and skills to contribute in guiding the youths. While he enjoys doing this his focus is to instill discipline.
“Returning to Belle Vue after a while, I am impressed with the positive change that has taken place. While it’s evident, it can also be felt,” Mustafaa Azimullah, one of the persons behind the resuscitation process, revealed to this publication.
He added, “The club has grown significantly in its membership, not only of those that are interested in participating in sporting activities, but overwhelmingly by those that have an interest in the continued progress at Belle Vue.”

Executive in place
The club held its election and has an executive that manages the day-to-day affairs. The President of the club is Safraz Baksh, who has expressed elation at the current position of the club and the opportunity the youths are now exposed to. He is of the firm belief that Belle Vue Sports Club will once again rise to dominance.
Over the past months, Belle Vue Sports Club has been dominating the West Bank at the senior and junior level. The club currently has a senior team, as well as age group teams at the Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 levels.
“While no one from the leadership of the club wants to take credit for the club success thus far, the leadership has attributed the successes it enjoys as a team effort,” Azimullah pointed out.
Meanwhile, Secretary of the club, Satesh Singh, has expressed some of the challenges the club is faced with, the highlight of which is dealing with persons who are opposed to progress.
Azimullah explained, “He [Singh] explained that recently there has been a group of few that suddenly woke up with a vision that they are “Belle Vue Sports Club” and is causing problems for the functioning club. Their contention is to the rights of the name “Belle Vue Sports Club.”
He added, “When engaged on the rights of name, one resident, who did not provide his name, said that this visionary group is the very people that stood idle while an entire generation went by without knowing how to hold a cricket bat.”
According to Azimullah, the matter is now engaging the attention of the Director of Sport Christopher Jones. He said he was very privileged to attend a meeting held recently involving representatives of the Belle Vue Sports Club and the “visionary group”, and which was chaired by a representative from the sport component of the Education Ministry.
“It is appalling that the representatives of this “visionary group” choose to assassinate the character of those that took the mantle to work and create opportunities for the youths of Belle Vue, all influenced by their jealousy and guilt of reluctance to work for a common goal. They have demonstrated total incapacity for the role they wish to assume,” Azimullah lamented.
In spite of their challenges, the members and executive of Belle Vue Sports Club is optimistic that this matter will be resolved soon.

Yet, the club is facing another challenge of break-ins. On numerous occasions the club had to replace locks as the building is broken into.
Asked about the future plans of the club, Pastor Krishna Singh highlighted the intention to enhance the lives of youths through education by having classes for both dropouts and those in school. He also alluded that the club has been very successful in its endeavours, which could not have been possible without the contribution of all stakeholders.
Pastor Singh is also imploring on the residents to allow their children to be involved as the club strives to create a safe environment for young people to utilise their energy, time and ability.
“On my first visit to Belle Vue, the condition of the field was described as worst than a cow pasture, but this is now a thing of the past, as improvements were made through expenses absorbed by the club. A hefty sum was spent by the Belle Vue Sports Club to improve the conditions of the facility,” Azimullah concluded.