Berbice boat captain shot in home invasion

A 54-year-old boat captain of Glagsow New Housing Scheme, East Bank Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), was on Monday evening shot to his right arm after two armed bandits invaded his home.
Injured is Edward Ramroop, 54, who is currently a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne). Reports are that the incident occurred at about 20:30h on Monday at his Lot 1015 Glasgow New Housing Scheme, Greater New Amsterdam home.

Injured: Edward Ramroop

The injured man’s wife, Bibi Zalika Ramroop, said they had just closed their grocery shop when two bandits pounced on them.
“All I hear is one gunshot and he dropped. This thing happen so quick. As soon as he dropped they rush in to me, one with a knife and one with a gun. One put the knife to me and say he want money. They ask me for US dollar. And I say, ‘How I would get US dollars. This is a small business. You can take all that I have in the drawer,’ I tell him, and I pulled the drawer and told him not to do me anything,” the shaken woman related.
She said there was $14,000 in a drawer and the bandits took it.
Before shooting Samaroo, the bandits demanded cash.
“They had something like a false face. And plus, they had on a face mask,” Ramroop related.
The 57-year-old woman explained that the entire incident lasted for about five minutes before the bandits left. She said since the business has been in operation, it has been robbed twice – the first time they were robbed was about 15 years ago.
“That time they jump through the window and they didn’t get money, but they got a lot of jewellery because at that time I had a lot of jewellery. That time they came with cutlasses and guns.”
The woman called for more Police presence in the area. She was high in her praise for the response by the Police following Monday night’s incident.
Up to press time, no one was arrested. (G4)