Berbice duo dies after motorcycle crashes into bus shed

Dead: Harrynarine Ramnauth

A motorcyclist and his pillion rider are now dead after the motorbike on which they were travelling crashed into a bus shed along the Number 68 Village Public Road, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), on Monday.
Dear are 38-year-old Harrynarine Ramnauth and 17-year-old Roano Reshieram, both of Number 60 Village, Corentyne.
Police confirmed that at the time of the accident, the motorcycle was being ridden at a fast rate thus causing Ramnauth to lose control while negotiating a turn and subsequently crash into the bus shed.
Following the accident, the duo was picked up and taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Dead: Roano Reshieram

At the home of the teenager, his parents confirmed that the young man played “Superbet” and had won about $200,000 and would have left with Ramnauth to go to Corriverton to cash out his winnings and it was on their way back, the accident occurred.
According to Rishie Ramrajpaul, his son was not a drinker.
“Maybe they went and do some other stuff but he is not a drinker that would consume so much alcohol; he might just take a beer or two – he doesn’t really drink much. Whilst they were coming back, they met with the accident opposite the Roadside Baptist Church.”
According to the teen’s mother, Bibi Wahab, her son would normally sleep at a friend’s home. However, on Tuesday morning one of his friends informed her that he was involved in an accident. Moments later she received a telephone call requesting her presence at the Skeldon Hospital.

The bike the duo was riding at the time of the accident

The woman said she subsequently learnt that her son had passed away.
Meanwhile, at Ramnauth’s house, his wife, Bhojwattie Budham, explained that her husband left home on Monday afternoon to look after his cattle.
She said after he did not return home that night, she started to make enquiries.
“When I called Springlands Police Station, they asked me if my husband get a motorbike and I told them yes and they asked me the number and it told them. Then they tell me that he had an accident at Number 68. They didn’t tell me that he died.”

The bus shed where the accident occurred

However, several days after the accident, family members of both dead men say they tried to obtain information from residents in the area where the accident occurred but all they were told was that a policeman was the first person to have arrived at the scene soon after he contacted the Skeldon Police Station.
The teen’s father accused the villagers of refusing to release CCTV footage of the accident.
“When we asked, he said that he cannot give it and if he gives it it would cause a lot of problems. So, I asked him if the Police have it and he said yes.”
According to the aggrieved man, the Police have since refused to make the video available for them to view.
“We the family cannot say what really caused the accident. The only thing that we can do is to see the video that the guy has,” he added.
However, the cattle farmer’s spouse is questioning the reason for the Police not wanting the family to view the CCTV footage. She related that seeing what occurred might bring some closure. Investigations are continuing.