Berbice family beaten, robbed during home invasion

Six armed men on Friday morning invaded a Lot 2 Seawell, East Coast Berbice home, entering through the roof.

Reports are the armed men climbed onto the roof of the two storey home at about 03:00h.

The Berbice home which bandits invaded on Friday
The Berbice home which bandits invaded on Friday

Speaking with Guyana Times, Deoram Wearty, who sleeps in the lower flat of the building, said he heard strange sounds coming from the upper flat and upon checking, realised that persons were on the roof of the building.

Before anyone could have acted, the men, two armed with handguns and four with cutlasses, ordered the occupants to hand over cash and jewellery.

Wearty told this publication that when he and his sons did not comply with the intruders’ demands, they were beaten and one of the men fired a shot in the house.

He noted that it was at this point that an undisclosed amount of cash and jewellery were handed over to the bandits.

This newspaper was told that neighbours, who heard the commotion, alerted the Police but the men escaped on foot before they arrived.

However, the Police quickly cordoned off a section of the community but came up empty handed. They recovered two spent shells from the scene.

As the investigation continued, four men from East Canje were taken into custody.

Speaking with Guyana Times, Divisional Commander, Ian Amsterdam, said ranks were not able to recover any of the stolen articles.

Amsterdam noted that most of the robberies are being carried out with the aid of firearms. According to him, most of these robberies are being carried out during the morning hours.

“From our investigations, we have found that the bandits are always masked. This suggests to us that there are specific groups in various areas in Berbice conducting the robberies… Robberies use to be before midnight, we are now seeing robberies shifted to after midnight and what we getting now is the ‘kick down’ break in kind of robbery in the area, so there is a new trend,” Amsterdam said.