Berbice man succumbs to injuries 13 days after being stabbed

Dead: Kern Wilson

Some 13 days after he had been stabbed in an incident allegedly stemming from a $5000 bet, construction worker Kern Wilson succumbed to his injuries in the Intensive Care Unit of the New Amsterdam Public Hospital in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) last Wednesday.
The 45-year-old father of three, who had resided at Pepper Street in Heathburn Village, East Bank Berbice and had operated a bar and carwash, had been stabbed on November 24 at a shop which he operated at Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice.
According to his reputed wife Rosanna Hope, the mother of two of his three children, Wilson had called her at around 21:00h on November 24 to inform her that he had been injured. She disclosed that Wilson and the suspect had had a bet wherein the stake was $5000.
“He said that they make a bet about somebody who used to work with him, and my children father said, ‘No, this person never worked with him’, so they put $5000 for the bet, and eventually like my children father win the bet. The guy like he wanted back his money because like he wasn’t satisfied, and he go into the shop and took the box with the money,” Hope detailed.

The shop where the stabbing occurred

The woman said the suspect did not take out the $5000, but held on to the money box.
“It was more than the $5000,” the woman said.
She said she was told that the ensuing argument escalated and resulted in Wilson being stabbed.
“I don’t know if he had the knife in his pocket and he started stabbing him, but the boys that were there thought that he was cuffing him, until Wilson said that he got stabbed. He had on a black jersey, so you couldn’t see the blood or anything until he told that that he has to go to the hospital,” the woman revealed.
The suspect, Mortimer Sandy, was eventually arrested by the Police. He made his first court appearance on November 28, and was remanded on a charge of attempted murder. However, when he returned to court on December 5, he was granted bail in the sum of $250,000. Following the death of Wilson on Wednesday, Sandy is expected to be charged with the capital offence of murder.
According to Hope, Wilson had been a patient in the Intensive Care Unit until his passing.
“He was stabbed to his abdomen. The surgery took five hours. When they opened and checked, they did not realize that the wound was so intense. He had multiple stabs to his abdomen, stabs to both hands, on his buttocks and his back,” the woman told this publication.
Police are awaiting a report on the autopsy. (G4)