Beware of Hamilton Green

Dear Editor,
I refer to a letter written by one Hamilton Green in a section of the media on March 22, 2019, calling for solutions but offered none. He put forward the ludicrous argument that “the Carter Center’s continued involvement in our political affairs is anathema”. My caution to the Guyanese nation is – beware of these political dinosaurs like Hammie. They preach love today but behind their words are the minds of the real enemies of the people. These people are the banes to democratic progress in Guyana.
Here we have Hammie talking down the Carter Center which saved Guyana in 1992 from the intellectual authors of dictatorial rule. These odious people who put out their thousand man group of thugs in front of the Elections Commission building on Croal Street in 1992 with clear instructions to seize the building, burn all documents and equipment as a means to suppress the results which reflected the will of the people. If it was not for that call from President Carter to then President Hoyte who then did the legal thing and instructed the GDF to mobilise and supplement the Police, these thugs might have made Guyana into another Equatorial Guinea, a nation that is resource rich but with the majority of the people living in absolute poverty.
So I write this letter in support of the work of the Carter Center. I believe our friends from the Carter Center can best serve the masses of people of Guyana by expanding their operation in 2019 Georgetown since we have a band of people in power who only respect the rulings of the court when it goes in their favour and who are doing everything within their power to frustrate the mandate of the Elections Commission by setting themselves up to be unprepared for General Elections? It is now almost 100 days since the no-confidence vote and the GECOM Chairman has done very little to offer any leadership to improve its preparedness for elections in the event that the CCJ overturns the Court of Appeal’s decision.
This is the Guyana we have today where a small cabal of PNC leaders think they have a legal transport over all of Guyana, so much so that they can unilaterally decide to drive a wedge between our people by hiring 16 of the 17 permanent secretaries from one group with the clear purpose of excluding all the other three groups (Guyana is a land of 4 major groups). To rub salt into the wounds, they have extended this ethnic supremacist action into ensuring that 85 per cent of all the heads of department in the public service are from the same group of people. One PNC leader who said she is “only hiring PNC people” confirmed this strategy and look what they have now done to Valmiki Singh, another competent head of department who was also sent packing.
In such conditions, there is an important role for the Carter Center to ensure that our diversity is best served with stronger internal control systems unlike what Hammie dished out to the workers of the Guyana Stores Ltd on the picket line back in the days with the hockey stick gang and the House of Israel thugs.
My message to the youths of Guyana – beware of Hamilton Green, he is nothing but a wolf dressed up as a sheep.

Sasenarine Singh