Biden should lift sanctions on Cuba

Dear Editor,
President Biden has had a very busy first week in office. In that time, he has been confronting the immediate task facing us, the world, head on, i.e. the COVID-19 virus. He has given hope that he is following sound scientific and technical advice on this score, unlike President Trump, who lacked the appreciation of the dangers.
He has been dealing with other matters that have impacted negatively on the US, and doing so boldly. The private prison fiasco, the Nuclear agreement with Russia, among others.
However, the Trump administration did another great injustice in our region; that is, the re-imposition of the blockade against the people and Government of Cuba. This has caused great hardship on the most vulnerable in that island republic. It needs to be treated seriously, and be reversed immediately!
It is one on the most unjustified acts, and to me it is extremely immoral.
Little Cuba, with limited resources, has done more for the world’s poor than many of the big developed countries with an abundance of resources.
It bombs no country. It has not gone anywhere to instigate violence or overthrow any democratically elected Government. It is an enemy of international terrorism, and has always sided with the oppressed in the world.
What is typical of Cuba and Cubans is the willingness of its professionals to be at the forefront of the fight against natural disasters, diseases and other humanitarian causes.
Their doctors could be found in the epicenter of events whenever they erupt. In the fight against AIDS, Ebola, and now COVID-19, Cuban doctors are at the forefront. When a natural disaster hits anywhere in the world, Cubans are the first to volunteer real assistance.
Cuban teachers have helped to educate people in many Third World countries, Nicaragua etc.
The specialists of Cuba can be found among the poorest in Latin America, Africa and wherever else they are required. In many places that they have gone, they were the first doctors/teachers ever seen.
Cuba gives poor countries an opportunity to build their human capital. Thousands of students are given the opportunity to study in that country free of cost. Guyana and the Caribbean have benefited greatly from Cuba’s sacrifices. We have managed to build a competent cadre of sound professionals.
History has hardly seen such generosity and such real selfless assistance to humanity from a country that has been damaged by economic blockade.
President Biden would be doing one of his most humanitarian acts if he lifts the measures that his predecessor placed on Cuba. Immediately, it would be taking Trump’s knee from Cuba’s neck!
This would be a good deed not only for Cuba, but for the whole of our Region.
The Cuban people deserve nothing less!

Donald Ramotar
Former President