…by China’s deep pockets
The nation’s eyes have (hopefully) been opened by the enormity of the corruption in the CJIA modernisation project that was funded by a Chinese Government loan and executed by the China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC). After the Government put in their thumb into that project – which was launched by the PPP –  they certainly pulled out a PLUM!! A fat, juicy plum!!
But the CJIA represents a far greater danger to the future stability of our country than not getting value for the US$150 million that we will have to repay WITH INTEREST down the road. Not that that’s not a concern!  Sweetened by the easy money from the Chinese project, the Government rushed into signing on to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (CBRI) last year – even as the experience of countries across the globe with the CBRI proved disastrous to the nth degree!  Even their close ally Pakistan had to raise red flags!! In years to come, the term “Trojan Horse” – meaning to “subvert from within” – will be replaced by “CBRI”, followed by the expression “Beware of Chinese bearing gifts”!!
We can easily gauge the PNC Government’s commitment to CBRI from the weekly articles in the State newspaper they control with the tightest of fists, bigging up like you’d think the Chinese were funding the paper! But since our taxes are funding the Chronic, the Chinese MUST be funding something else!! Something stinks in our dear land of Guyana. The CBRI is dangerous for us because, for one, from the CJIA experience we know for sure that we don’t have the institutional experience to monitor these kinds of projects. For two, we also know that most of the Government Ministers and functionaries are morally challenged!
But most of all, it’s because there’s no need to tie us to Chinese funding for our infrastructural projects since oil revenue is slated to start flowing from first quarter next year!! The Chinese involvement gives them influence – if not control – for absolutely no GOOD reason. But the problem is, the National Resource Fund with the oil money looks like it may have any number of foreign monitors. The PNC oligarchy must’ve figured a bird in the hand is worth two from under the Atlantic waters!! The Chinese, from what has been revealed in other CBRI projects, seem to pass as much money under the table as over!
Asked about the CBRI, the best President Granger could say was “Trust me”!!
Sure, just like his mentor Burnham was trusted and left us with the highest per capita debt in the world!!

…the the past?
The petition prepared by Roger Khan himself for his early release was certainly an impressive achievement. He’d already gotten off some two years from his 15-year sentence for “good behaviour”, but he’s taking advantage of a new regulation passed last December, which if successful will mean that he could be out next month – two months ahead of schedule.
The “pro se” filing means that Khan’s been hitting the (law) books while in prison these past 13 years!! Whether it succeeds or not, it brings to the fore the very interesting question of how society treats persons who have “paid their debt” to society through their incarceration – especially if they’ve demonstrated they’ve been rehabilitated. We have the recent case of dancehall superstar Buju Banton, who, after serving his 10-year sentence for cocaine smuggling, was welcomed back in Jamaica by the Government and fans. Even in Trinidad, the Police Chief appeared on a stage with him!!
Since it’s almost certain he’ll be deported to Guyana, your Eyewitness wonders if Guyanese will accept Khan’s rehabilitation.

 …epistemic vices
As the CCJ ruling on the NCM inches forward, your Eyewitness has been mulling over the epistemic vices that cloud straight thinking. Especially closed-mindedness.
This, we know, is a character trait, to which inbred groups are particularly prone.