Boat on fire sinks in Cuyuni River

— Guyanese captain, Venezuelan crew escape injury

Eight persons on Friday morning managed to escape from a burning, sinking vessel on the Cuyuni River in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

The 40-foot iron vessel went up in flames as a result of gas emanating from a

The boat engulfed in flames

hose that slipped out of a stove aboard the boat.

According to reports reaching Guyana Times, the boat was at the time travelling along the Cuyuni River, carrying a crew of Venezuelans. Around 06:00h on the morning in question, the cook was about to light the stove when the hose attached to the gas cylinder accidentally slipped out.

The Guyanese Captain, 26-year-old Paul Lewis, along with the members of his crew, was forced to jump into the river, leaving behind the engulfed vessel.

The occupants of the boat then managed to swim ashore where they sought assistance. No one was injured.

An investigation has been launched.