Boat transporting local athletes sinks in Essequibo River

– all safe

A speedboat transporting some 20 passengers including local athletes sank in the Essequibo River on Monday just after midday.
Reports are that the boat was part of a fleet of vessels that were transporting athletes who participated in the Heritage Games in the city over the weekend.
They were heading to Supenaam, from where they would have returned home to Region One (Barima-Waini).
When the boat in question began to sink, the captains of other boats that were part of the fleet noticed what was transpiring and went to the distressed passengers’ rescue.
According to a passenger on the boat, “…the boat bottom burst open and started taking in water”. The passenger related that there were no injuries but every person onboard is still “shaken up” by the incident. “The boat sank quickly,” the passenger recalled.
The cause of the incident is yet to be determined as an investigation was launched by the Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the Public Works Ministry.
Back in January, several persons including an infant were rescued after the boat in which they were travelling sank in the Essequibo River.
It was reported that at the time of the incident, the boat was en route to Supenaam, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam). One passenger told Guyana Times that the boat left the Parika Stelling, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), and while in the vicinity of Leguan, water began entering the boat, which caused it to start sinking.
Upon seeing this, the captain of the boat took quick action and steered the vessel onto a river bank and ordered the passengers to disembark.
A video showed some of the passengers in a tree waiting to be rescued and at the same time trying to save their lives. One man was also seen holding the infant above the water until rescue came.
Popular comedians Lindon Jones [Jumbie], Chris Gopaul, and Micheal Ignatius, along with local singer Kwasi Ace were also passengers on the boat. Following the tragedy, another boat arrived at the location and transported the passengers to Supenaam.