Bobbing and weaving…

…on Rodney’s assassination
The Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI) Report was released back in February and it took a song and dance just for the Commissioners to drop it off to the President as they had to. It then took a wave of local indignation and international pressure from those who still appreciate the contributions of the great Guyanese scholar-activist, to get the report to be made public and be laid before Parliament.
But it’s clear the memory of Walter Rodney will forever be clouded by the actions of those who were supposedly closest to him when he was alive to now refuse to have the definitive pronouncement of how he died – as concluded by a 0 million COI – be accepted by the Guyanese state. The COI’s conclusion was pellucid:
“Further, given the manner in which the country was run, coupled with the threats issued by Prime Minister Burnham to the members of the WPA and the evidence of Mr Robert Allan Gates, we conclude that Prime Minister Burnham knew of the plan and was part of the conspiracy to assassinate Dr. Walter Rodney.”
Now we know that this is what’s sticking in the craw of the PNC – that their Founder Leader “Burnham knew of the plan and was part of the conspiracy to assassinate Dr. Walter Rodney.” We also know that this is what’s sticking in the craw of those who were then in charge of the armed forces:
“… we unhesitatingly conclude that Gregory Smith was not acting alone but had the active and full support, participation and encouragement of, and/or was aided and abetted by the GPF (Guyana Police Force), the GDF (Guyana Defence Force), agencies of the State and the political directorate in the killing of Dr. Walter Rodney.”
But what’s the excuse of those who’ve been claiming to be “Rodneyites” for the last thirty-six years and sponging off the reputation of Rodney? Is it the old drive for “pelf and power”? How can Rupert Roopnaraine sit on the front benches with Basil Williams and listen to the Chairman of the PNC sully Rodney’s memory with his fable of the PPP assassinating Rodney?
The WPA was never a mass party, and given the way ethnic politics played out, might’ve always remained on the electoral sidelines because it would’ve been accused of “splitting the vote” by the PNC. But it owed its influence to the moral position taken by several of its leaders – especially Rodney.
This is the legacy that’s being destroyed by the silence at best, and acquiescence at worse, by the erstwhile comrades of Rodney.
They should speak now or forever hold their piece.

…on office and power
Cheddi Jagan used to carry on about the difference between “office” and “power”. He claimed that while he was in office between 1957 and 1964, he never really had the power to do anything HE really wanted. The British Governor took care of that!! So you’d think two of his most fervent acolytes (if their words are to be believed) Nagamootoo and Ramjattan might’ve taken notes, nuh?
Well, evidently not! Their erstwhile Comrade in arms (?) for decades and decades, (with presumably their dignity in mind) recently claimed that while after taking over their 11% to APNU their portfolios have been degutted and powers defanged! Not so! Replied Ramjattan in Parliament, “We in the coalition government want it that way.”
Second Vice President and Minister of Public Security who’s had his Immigration portfolios hived off, brushed aside Rohee’s claim: “Rohee is so vexed that new Ministers having taken over from him… and are doing such good jobs, he cannot bear it.”
Jealous of a 2am curfew claim?

….on the Parking Meter scam
Isn’t it time we permanently park this parking meter scam? There was firstly all the sleight-of-hand and high-handedness in the signing of the contract by the Gang of Four. And now they’ve usurped imposition of VAT and Corporate taxes??!!