Body found with head, face smashed

Linden woman’s death

…house ransacked

Dead: Wanda Patricia Wilson, also known as Sheila Wilson

Police are continuing investigations into the death of 56-year-old Lindener Wanda Patricia Wilson, also known as Sheila Wilson, whose body was discovered inside her Kara Kara, Mackenzie home on Tuesday. The gruesome discovery was made about 17:15h.
An associate of the family reported to the Police that he was called to make checks on Wilson and her son, who reside at the same property. Upon arrival, he met with the woman’s son and observed the entire dining area was ransacked with furniture and appliances scattered about.
Suspecting that something was amiss, he proceeded to the Mackenzie Police Station where he made a report pertaining to his observations.
Ranks then visited the scene with him and upon arrival, it was observed that the entire house had been ransacked. The woman’s body was discovered in a bedroom, on a bed with a door on top of her. It was examined for marks of violence, and the head and face appeared to have been smashed in.

The house in which the woman and her son resided

Wilson’s body was taken to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC), where her death was officially pronounced. The body was subsequently taken to the Pensioner’s Funeral Home, where it awaited a post mortem examination. The woman’s son was taken to the LHC to be examined. Police said no marks of violence were seen on his body. He is currently in custody pending investigations. (G13)