Body of security officer mutilated by low-bed truck while crossing High Street

A mother of three was on Wednesday evening crushed to death by a low-bed truck at the intersection of Princes and High Street, Georgetown.
The dead woman has been identified as 36-year-old Nina Williams, also known as Martha Williams, late resident of Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara and formerly of Phillipai Village in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

Dead: Nina Williams, also known as “Martha”

The police have said that this accident involved motor lorry GAC 5056, which was at the time being driven by a 24-year-old male resident of Coconut Walk in Unity, East Coast Demerara.
Investigations have revealed that the lorry was proceeding along High Street, Georgetown when Williams reportedly attempted to cross the road. She ran into the path of the moving vehicle and was reportedly dragged some distance, resulting in her body being mutilated. The driver was arrested and investigations are continuing.
Rihanna Williams, a relative of the late Nina Williams, has related that she was made aware of the accident via a social media post. “I was at home, and while scrolling Facebook I saw the accident, but first didn’t pay much heed…but out of curiosity, I zoomed in the woman’s photo, and it was then I realized that it was Martha…I started to get calls, and I was the one to contact her immediate family,” she said.
This aggrieved relative has said that, based on reports gathered after the accident, the late Nina had been imbibing with some friends at a bar on Princes Street before leaving at about 22:30h to head home.
“She told her friends that she was heading to minibus park to catch a bus, and it was while crossing the road the truck, that was going at a fast rate, struck her down…,” she revealed.
“Her body was severely damaged…one of her legs was severed…one of her hands was almost severed from her body… from the waist down was…,” the woman told Guyana Times.
She added that, after the accident, the driver of the truck fled the scene, leaving his porter behind; but police in a subsequent release have stated that the 24-year-old driver was arrested.
The relative further stated that Williams had worked at several mining locations in the hinterland before coming to live on the coastland. Williams had recently been promoted to a supervisory position at RK Security Service. It is believed that she had had a few drinks with her friends to celebrate her promotion.
The late Nina Williams has been described as a very compassionate person. “When tragedy struck at Madhia, a few of my close relatives died, and Martha was there for us from day one…She was always supportive, and would offer comforting words to us… She would always say that we all have to die one day, but when and how, we do not know,” this relative has said.
Those words of Nina’s had resonated with her relative during her time of distress. Now, Nina’s words regarding the manner and time of a person’s demise have taken on added significance.
“She was a very simple person…she was the livewire of any gathering…she would put on her US and UK accents and have all of us cracking up…Her death will have an impact on all of us…,” the relative has declared.
Nina Williams has left to morning her three daughters, one of whom is presently in Jamaica on a modelling course.
This accident comes two days after Doreen Haynes of Golden Grove, ECD had been crushed to death by a truck on Water Street, Georgetown. In a video of that accident that was released, Haynes could be seen talking with a canter truck driver. She was almost in the centre of the road, and the truck was seen manoeuvring the traffic.
The canter was parked obstructing the flow of traffic with its hazard lights blinking. It was when the truck attempted to pass the canter that its left side rear end squeezed Haynes between itself and the canter, and Haynes was subsequently dragged a short distance away. The left-back wheels of the truck ran over her body, and she died at the scene.
A post mortem performed by Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh has given the cause of Haynes’s death as multiple injuries, with crushed injuries to both hips.