Bowman lauds partners for successful hosting of YBG tournaments

Since its fruition, the Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) has been one of the main pillars of basketball development in Guyanese youth as this organization has managed to host competitive tournaments throughout the year.
In an exclusive interview with Guyana Times Sport, Co-Director of Youth Basketball Guyana, Chris Wayne Bowman spoke on the emphasis of partners towards the success of the organizations and hosting of the tournament to develop a model of youth development.
“I think the key for us is that we have had good partners over the years. This year, just last week Edward. B. Beharry came back on board for the 14th year, The National Sports Commission has been supporting them for seventeen years, G-BOATS they are now in its fifth year and we anticipate that ExxonMobil will also be back this year for their sixth year,” Bowman divulged.

Co-Director of Youth Basketball Guyana, Chris Wayne Bowman

He went on to add, “So, we have had good partners that allow us to build an infrastructure because it is not just tournaments that YBG hosts YBG Is building a model for youth development thus we host tournaments, we have year-round developmental programs, we encourage coaching development, referee development so we are building an ecosystem an entire framework so that the game can develop and be sustained over time.”
As the Youth Basketball Guyana rolled off their first tournament of the year on Sunday last, their main focus is now set on the National School Basketball Festival which is set to commence in March. (Omar Mckenzie)