Govt eroded economic gains made by PPP

Dear Editor,
It is the mother of all ironies that this Coalition Government, which is addictive to the use of the term ‘fit and proper’, has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that it has now dived into the dark abyss of the ‘unfit and improper’ to the point of no return!
The time has passed for any type of salvage operations, unless directives and interferences into the operations of GECOM are brought to a screeching halt.
It is now conclusive that both the Coalition and GECOM are embarked on a premeditated course to delay elections close to the 2020 Elections due date, in order to buy the PNC enough time to rig. The former DCEO of GECOM, Mr Vishnu Persaud, has stated that it is not possible for elections to be held by November, since the house- to-house registration will take at least 68 weeks, or 17 months. This will take us to September 2020. In other words, the original due date for the 2020 Elections.
Moreover, the courts cannot direct GECOM to call an Election, and the President has bowled the election ‘preparedness’ spin to GECOM, which swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and added it to its repertoire of excuses and trickeries.
GECOM’s Chairman has served the purpose of his appointment with flying colours, and Granger is a proud Burnham disciple!
This time frame would allow the PNC-dominated Coalition to properly install its rigging machinery. This will be done by such tactics as padding the voters’ list and recruiting PNC supporters as polling agents to facilitate multiple voting, etc. It will also give them enough time to use state resources to buy support where they have lost it.
The Coalition is fully aware that, should an election be held any time soon, they would be voted out of office. This is an option they can ill-afford. This means that they would lose the billions of oil dollars which would be available in the near future to perpetuate their good life status. We must be reminded that the old PNC rigged elections after elections for far less! The PNC simply cannot afford to lose the next elections.
The ‘fit and proper’ Coalition piloted by the PNC have not only failed to deliver on their campaign promises, but they have eroded the economic gains made by the PPP/C Government, who had inherited a bankrupt economy from the same PNC in 1992. Hordes of the Coalition’s own supporters have now rejected them, and in just over 3 years, the PNC’s partner in crime, the AFC, has completely disintegrated except for the few remaining hustlers and thieves.
Moreover, Guyanese must not be fooled by President Granger’s theatrics. He has been playing games and giving directives to the GECOM Chairman on precisely what GECOM should deliver, and that is: to delay the constitutionally due General and Regional Elections until next year. The house-to-house registration will ensure that.
We have been hearing regurgitations about GECOM’s preparedness, even though GECOM itself had declared in December that it was prepared to hold Elections at any time they are required to do so; so Granger, aided by GECOM, has resorted to tricks, lies and deceit to con the populace.
The President is not interested in abiding by the Constitution, and is willing to incur the wrath of not only Guyanese, but the international community as well. He has played games with the Leader of the Opposition, and has now played games using GECOM.
What a legacy Granger is willing to leave behind. He simply wants to outdo his mentor, the late LFS Burnham. We have seen those nefarious manifestations during the 28 years of the PNC dictatorship. History will repeat itself!
We must be unrelenting in our quest to ensure the eviction of this illegal Government by all means peaceful and legitimate!

Yours sincerely,
Haseef Yusuf
RDC Councillor-
Region Six