Budget 2021 is a people’s budget

Dear Editor,
First of all, let me congratulate Hon Dr Ashni Singh MP, senior Minister in the office of the President responsible for Finance and team for a well-crafted Budget 2021.  I must also extend congratulations to the PPP Government for presenting yet another budget with all Guyanese in mind.
Budget 2021, as I predicted on my Facebook page a few days before the original presentation, will be one of the best or another great budget from the PPP to the people of Guyana.  All the people of Guyana and not some.
As the Hon Dr Singh was presenting his budget in the house, to all Guyanese and the world, I was saying to myself, where have I gone wrong in my predictions?  There is something for everyone no matter what the Opposition says.  They will also benefit tremendously because there is no new taxation that will be added to the citizens of this land that will cause hardship and burden to them.
I see all benefiting, including the children attending public schools, in a massive way through the rise in the school grant to every child, no matter their race or which political party their parents are supporting.  The APNU/AFC took this away and parents were feeling the hardship.
There is so much good in Budget 2021 that will see major development in all sectors, which I won’t touch on because of limited space that will be granted to me.  But I must say that this budget is one that was well put together and moreover it was crafted with the Guyanese people in mind.
This budget is a comeback for Guyana economically because of the hundreds of opportunities that will be created through both private and public investments in our land by more businesses expanding and opening new doors, small business grants, job creation, youth empowerment and training, public sector investment in upgrading the standard of our public service, better healthcare, quality delivery in the education sector, major investments in sports and culture, massive improvement and investments in the agriculture sector, more scholarships to our children to study locally and overseas, etc.
After five years Guyanese now have the opportunity to see who are the ones that care for the Guyanese people.  We have the opportunity to see what a caring Government does for the better and moreover helping to create a better life for all.
Budget 2021 is a people’s budget and it will open the avenues in creating a better life for every Guyanese.
Congrats once more to Hon Dr Ashni Singh and team along with the PPP Government for a well-crafted people’s budget and the vision of a better and brighter Guyana headed by HE Dr Ali.
Guyana is on the rise.

With regards,
Abel Seetaram