Campbellville drainage issue to be addressed – M&CC

The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) in collaboration with the Public Infrastructure Ministry will soon be relieving residents of the poor and unsanitary drainage situation in Campbellville, Georgetown.

A silted-up drain in Bel Air, Georgetown
A silted-up drain in Bel Air, Georgetown

On Thursday, a team of M&CC Councillors, including Alfred Mentore, Phillip Smith and Akeem Peters, in the company of Community Coordinator of th Public Infrastructure Ministry Neilson McKenzie visited the communities of Bel Air Park; Section K, Campbellville; Lamaha Gardens; D’Andrade Street; and Newton, Campbellville, to evaluate the drainage dilemma affecting the areas.
According to McKenzie, the examination was a “fact finding exercise to determine what are the persistent problems that have been plaguing these communities for a long while and how we could work together to remedy these situations to ensure that citizens benefit from improved drainage, improved de-silting mechanisms to ensure the yards are not flooded, the streets are not flooded, the businesses are not flooded, and to ensure a better quality of life for all.”
Through the inspections, it was disclosed that the poor conditions of the drains required urgent attention due to the drains being blocked with weeds and being heavily silted, preventing proper drainage in the community.
“It is a priority because it has been this way for a number of years,” McKenzie explained.
Meanwhile, during this visit, the spotlight was also placed on the deteriorated roads, but according to McKenzie, “there is need for proper drainage before the road is constructed.”
Councillor Mentore relayed that the communities perused are within his constituency and he intends to fulfill the promises he made and attempt to bring a solution to the problems affecting residents there.