‘Canal 6’ emerge 13th annual Sash Sawh Memorial domino winners

CANAL 6 made it three consecutive years in a row when they carted off the win in the 13th annual Satyadeow ‘Sash’ Sawh Memorial Dominoes Tournament, played on Monday (Indian Arrival Day) at Ernest Shop at Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara.
Organised and sponsored by Sash Secretariat, the tournament saw the eventual champions mark 78 games to win easily from International 6 with 73 and Cold Fusion with 71.
The victory also marked the third consecutive year that ‘Canal 6’ has won this tournament; they defeated Mixed Up and Sash Secretariat at the same venue last year.
The game was evenly contested throughout the first five sittings, with International 6 entering the final sitting with a slim four-game lead, and the scores reading International 6 on 64, Canal 6 and Cold Fusion deadlocked on 60 each.
A brilliant final sitting by Canal 6 saw them registering the maximum 18 games and sealing the deal for the winners, as International 6 managed nine and Cold Fusion 11.
Skipper Kedar Seopaul and Shawn Singh led the way for Canal 6 with the maximum 18 games, while Avinesh Persaud supported with 13. For International 6, Edmund Sammy marked 15 in his first three sittings and 11 in the next three, after being chosen to play through in the five-man team. Manniram Shew and Claude Stuart made 13 each.
The top players for Cold Fusion were Parmanand Jairam (14) and Ameer Khan, who scored 25 playing through.
The winners’ and first runners-up trophies plus prizes for the three top players in each team and the overall Most Valuable Player (MVP), were sponsored by Sash Secretariat.
The MVP was Canal 6’s Shawn Singh, who edged out his captain, Kedar Seopaul, the latter giving away 20 games to Singh’s 19; while the three top players were Singh, Sammy (International 6) and Jairam (Cold Fusion).
Sawh, a former Minister of Fisheries, Crops and Livestock, died under tragic circumstances on April 22, 2006. A minute’s silence was observed prior to commencement of the tournament.
Among those responsible for the staging of the tournament are United States-based Guyanese Mark Dookhan, who served as driver to the late minister; Sahadeo Mahabali, Vishnu Persaud and Indra Jagmohan.
The organisers take this opportunity to express sincere thanks to the proprietor of Ernest Shop, for allowing the venue to be used to host the tournaments over the years.