CANU seizes boat at Mahaicony with 5.6kg ganja

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) is on the hunt for three men following the interception of a boat carrying 5.610 kilograms of ganja at Mahaicony, East Cast Demerara (ECD), on Thursday. The men were identified as “Elvis”, “Matic” and “Jagan”.

The ganja that was hidden in the boat at Mahaicony

Based on reports coming out of CANU, agents of the drug enforcement unit acting on information received conducted an operation at Mahaicony, ECD, where a boat suspected to be transporting narcotics was intercepted.
At the time, the boat was carrying 5.610 kilograms of cannabis. The cannabis and the boat were seized as investigations continue.
CANU stated that the operation was a continuation of a previous operation conducted at Unity, ECD, where agents and residents reported that the said boat was offloading bulky bags at the foreshore.

The cannabis weighed 5.6 kilograms

Officers then intercepted the said boat and discovered 18 bags of ganja weighing 300lbs and estimated to be valued at $18 million.
It was reported that the agent came across a 17-ft wooden boat which had a large fertiliser bag onboard and upon further inspection, the marijuana was discovered. A further search was conducted on a coconut grove where another 17 bags containing cannabis were unearthed.