Capoey Village Council upgrades community access road

… regional administration failed to help – Toshao

Persons visiting as well as residents living in the Amerindian community of Capoey in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) can now access the community’s tourist sites with much more ease, now that the main access road was upgraded by the Village Council.

The Capoey access road being upgraded
The Capoey access road being upgraded

The Council members in collaboration with the business community conducted rehabilitative works on the main access road which was almost impassable due to huge pot holes.
According to the community’s Toshao, Melrose Henry, the upgrading of the main access road to her area was done through private works. Henry said that maintenance works were needed, and as such, resources had to be sought privately since the regional administration failed to provide necessary help.
“I visited the region several times, often I am told the region’s grader is down, the holes were getting huge daily, my people was suffering, I knew I had to do something, roads are key to development in any community,” Henry said.
She said it was the Council’s decision to take up the venture since the regional administration had not given the kind of support that was expected. Henry therefore extended gratitude towards the seven Councillors from her village in ensuring that the rehabilitation works were conducted.
Henry, however, said that the works were done temporarily to alleviate the burdens faced by residents in accessing the area and therefore called on the Region Two administration for their input.
“It’s a Government road… what we are doing is contributing towards the development, we need the development to continue and the Village Council has taken the step, now the region has to give support to do permanent works,” Henry further explained.
Attaching a cost to the upgrading, Henry said the Council had to spend over $600,000 to get the access road rehabilitated and there were no engineers or anyone around to get expert advice. She is therefore calling on regional officials to give her community priority for permanent works to be conducted on the road.
Currently many persons access the area to visit the beautiful black water resort as well as conduct works on their farmlands. (Indrawattie Natram)