Car bursts into flames after crashing into truck

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding an accident which occurred along the Montrose Public Road, East Coast Demerara, and resulted in the fiery explosion of two trucks and a motorcar, as well as the hospitalisation of a pedal cyclist.

The vehicular explosion at Montrose

According to Police, the incident occurred at around 06:00h on Wednesday.
Reports are that the motorcar, which was driven by 36-year-old Imran Khan, was proceeding west along the road while 66-year-old pedal cyclist Deokumar Parbo was travelling ahead in the same direction.
The pedal cyclist is said to have suddenly swerved onto the roadway and into the path of the motorcar, to avoid a pool of water.
Police have said the driver of the motorcar claimed that upon seeing the action of cyclist he applied brakes, but the left side front fender of the vehicle collided with the bicycle. As a result of the collision, the cyclist fell onto the roadway and sustained injuries about his body.
Meanwhile, the driver lost control of the vehicle and it collided with a lorry parked on the southern side of the parapet. The vehicle then burst into flames, which destroyed two lorries and the said motor car. Firefighters promptly responded to the scene, and they managed to put out the blaze and prevent it from causing further destruction.
Meanwhile, the cyclist was picked up and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he is undergoing medical treatment.
The driver is in Police custody assisting with the investigation. (G9)